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Where to stay in Datong

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
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Plan your Datong Tour? If you are in the process of hotel booking on your short trip to Datong, a basic idea of Datong city layout is essential in finding a perfect place to stay in Datong. Of course, your final decision of for Datong hotel booking also depends on your budget and personal taste.
If you look at a map of Datong, the map will show you a clear outline of a city wall in the center of Datong City, which is the city’s old core. Much of the city wall and the old town were damaged or pulled down in the past hundred years. The city wall was built in 1372 in Ming Dynasty based on the earth city wall left by the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). The Datong City Wall was said to be 2 meters higher than those in Xian and 6.6 meters wide than those in Nanjing.
A great renovation program of its old town is underway with part of its eastern and sourthern walls restored. The drum tower is the center of the old town reaching out four major streets – north, south, east and west. Buildings are being built to restore the quaint yet old quarter.
The city of Datong isn’t big on attractions which are all located within the old town including Nine Dragon Screen, Upper Huayan Temple, Lower Huanyan Temple, Shanhua Temple and City Wall itself. The fact is that it makes no big difference as where to stay in Datong since Datong is a walkable city. The Hanging Temple is located 65km southeast of Datong city; Yingxian Wooden Pagoda 55km to the west of Hanging Temple and Yungang Caves 16km west of downtown Datong.
Basically you have five areas to choose for your Datong hotel bookingDatong Railway Station Area (north of Datong city core), inside the old town (within the city wall), east of the city wall, south of the city wall and west of the city wall
Hotels around Datong Railway Station (north of the city wall):
Tongtie Hotel (同铁宾馆): 5 Zhanbei Jie, Datong Tel:0352-5559222
Feitian Hotel (飞天宾馆): 1 Zhanqian Jie, datong
Hongqi Grand Hotel: No.11 Zhanqian Street, North of Train Station Square, Datong
88 Phoenix Court: No.88 Wuding North Road, datong
Jiahe International Inn: 1 Zhanqian Street, Datong
Hotels inside the city wall
Garden Hotel: No.59 Danan Street, Datong
Datong Yun Gang International Hotel: Address: No.38 Da Xi Street, Datong
Xinsanhuan Jiulong Hotel: No.1 Dadong Street, Downtown, Datong
Datong Youth Hostel: 2 Huanyan Jie, Downtown, Datong
Hotels east of the city wall
Howard Jonhson Jindi Plaza Datong: No.88 Pingcheng Street, Datong
Yanbei Hotel: No.1A Yuhe West Road, Datong
Guobin Hotel: No.898 Yuhe West Road, Datong
Hotels south of the city wall
Holiday Inn Datong City Center: No.37 Yingbin Street, Cheng District, Datong
Datong Hotel:
Yungang Jianguo Hotel: No.21 Yingbin East Road, Shi District, Datong
Jinjiang Inn (Datong Pingchengqiao): Building 1 Longyuan Community, Pingcheng Street, Datong
Home Inn (Datong Yingbin Road): No.51 Yingbin West Street, Xinrong District, Datong
Continental Hotel: No.88 Binxi Street, Yingbin West Road, Cheng District, Datong
Datong Hotel: No.37 Yingbin West Road, Datong
Chenguang International Hotel: Yingbin East Street 68, Datong
Hotels west of the city wall
Haohai International Hotel: No.46 Xinjian South Road, Datong
Datong Tiangui International Hotel: 133 Yunzhong Road, Datong
Great Palace Hotel: No.452 Weidu Avenue, Datong
Hotel Red Flag Square: Weidu Avenue, Datong
Huamei Hotel: Building #1,Fulinbaocheng,Yunboli, Weidu Avenue, datong
Any questions, just drop a line.