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Move around wearing masks in Hangzhou, China

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020
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The COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus silences China in many ways – from working, studying, trading, entertaining and more in all aspects of life. I happened to be in my hometown – Hangzhou for the Chinese lunar new year 2020 when the virus broke out. In a slight effort to contain the pathogen, I and my wife has been in self-isolation ever since we were required to stay at home and go out only for daily necessities or other necessary matters.

Now things are getting better with the huge commitment jointly made by our Chinese people, especially medical staff who risk their life and by international communities. It seems everything will be back to normal level at the end of March, 2020 – students back to school; workers to factories and business restarts to operate…

Yesterday I drove to the center of Hangzhou city and walk along West Lake – the world cultural heritage site for a photo tour to capture the mask world we are now living with, an interesting reminder for the hard time we are now facing.

A girl wearing a face mask taking photos of tulip tulips by the lake
A selfie girl with a face mask siting on a bench in the lakeside garden
A grandpa wearing a mask reading newspaper in a pavilion by the lake
Three men with masks sitting on a bench by the lake
An old couple with masks sitting on a bench waiting for a public bus
Hand in hand wearing masks walking along West Lake Hangzhou
Wearing mask and taking in the fresh air of early spring, walking on Bai Causeway
Young people wearing masks on the streets
Strolling the lake shoreline wearing masks
A couple wearing masks waking past Broken Bridge
Biking with a mask
A couple in love wearing masks

We are confident that we are able to get rid of masks in the near future with the great efforts made nationally and globally. Life is so beautiful and everything will return to normal.