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Paragliding Beijing

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
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Plan your Beijing tour ? If you are an enthusiast with a passion for paraglider flights, Beijing will not let you down. Since 1985, when the word paragliding was coined, this recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders has become more and more popular with the number of paragliding pilots and sites having been continuing to increase.

Beijing is the pioneer city in China developing paragliding flights and 1998 China’s first paragliding club was established in Beijing.

Beijing paragliding sites
At the time of my writing,  there are two major paragliding sites around Beijing – Mang Mountain in Changping District and Yudu Mountain in Yanqing County.

1. Mang Mountain in Changping District
Mang Mountain is located in Changping District, about 40km northeast of Beijing downtown. The undulating mountain Mang Mountain resembles a huge snake, hence the name of Mang Mountain and “Mang” literally means a boa constrictor in Chinese. Mang Mountain is quite famous in the paragliding flights.

The paraglide launching site is on the west hill top with a sea level over 600m high. The glide from the top down to the earth gives you a panoramic view of the surrounding scenic spots including the Mang Mountain Forest Park, The Ming Tombs Reservoir, Ming Tombs…

How to get there
Self drive: Drive along Jingchang Express and get off the exit 13C of Xiguan Exit in Changping, continue to drive in the direction of the Ming Tombs; Run past the seven-arch bridge and turn right; drive along the north route of the Ming Tombs Reservoir and you will get to the Mang Mountain.

Take public buses: Bus 643 from Andingmen or Bus 845 at Beijing West Railway Station, and get off the final stop – the Ming Tombs Reservoir and walk across the reservoir dam.

2. Yudu Mountain in Yanqing County
Yudu Mountain is located in Yanqing county, about 80km northeast of Beijing downtown. Yudu Mountain is a less traveled scenic area covered with thick forest. The highest point of Yudun Mountain has a sea-level of 860 meters with stunning views! It is a less known place in Beijing.

Yudu Mountain features the typical mountainous climate – strong wind and turbulence, which is good for taking off and maintaining longer flying time in the air. But under this mountainous climate, paragliding pilots need to have better skills of controlling paragliders. So Yudu Mountain paragliding is suitable for mid-level paragliding pilots.

How to get there
Self drive: Driving along Beijing Yanqing expressway, then get off at Yanqing Exit and drive on Jingzhang Highway; drive past the crossroad at Longqingxia and drive 2km on your right ride.

Take a bus: Take bus 919 at Deshengmen and get off at Yanqing Town, where you connect Bus 920 for Yudu Mountain.

from Super-Wing Paragliding Club

from Super-Wing Paragliding Club

Beijing paragliding clubs

There are two main paragliding clubs in Beijing – Flying Man Aviation Club and Super-wing paragligding Club.

Flying Man Aviation Club
This paragliding club was set up in late 1990s and is said to be the largest aviation sports club in China, It has a strict and comprehensive flight training center in Mang Mountain of Changping District, Beijing.
Business Hours: 09:30 – 18:00 (Mon-Fri)
Tel: 010-68055114 / 010-62344230
Fax: 010-68052542
Add: Room 2263, 2nd floor, #1 AnDing Road, Olympic sports center stadium, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China 100029
地址: 北京市朝阳区安定路1号奥林匹克体育中心体育场看台二层南7门与南8门之间2263 邮编:100029

Superwing Paraglding Club
This paragliding club trains beginners in seven days. Training is usually on the weekends.
Prices: CNY3,000 or CNY500 for one tandem flight.
Add: Room D18, Rongshangju, No.02 Wudaokou, West Zhichun Road, Haidian, Beijing

FAX: 8610 – 64812411
TEL: 8610 – 52773142
TEL: 8610 – 86100194
CELL PHONE: 13601241119
ZIP code : 100190
Contact Person: Angel( tel: 0086 18511620562)

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