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How to Visit Longji Rice Terraces from Guilin (Tips, Photos & Map)

Friday, January 7th, 2022
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Dear Travelers,

We’d like to have the following quick guide to be always updated for the benefit of new visitors visiting Longji Rice Terraces from Guilin. If anybody having used the piece finds necessary updates, please leave a message or feedback. Thanks!

with their ticketing office building located about 1km to the south of Heping Town (和平乡),  about 14 km to the southeast of Longsheng County (龙胜),  76km to the north of Guilin city proper (桂林) and 146km to the northwest of Yangshuo (阳朔).

Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot

Plan your Guilin tour? Longji Rice Terrace (龙脊梯田), literally “Dragon’s Backbone Terraced Paddy Fields”,  is a large scenic area. Officially known as Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot (龙脊梯田风景名胜区), it encompasses five natural villages – Dazhai Village (大寨) & Tiantouzhai Village (田头寨) (both Yao minority villages), Ping’An Zhuang Minority Village (平安寨), the Ancient Zhuang Minority Village (龙脊古壮寨)and Huangluohong Yao Minority Village (黄洛红瑶寨).

Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot mainly refers to the rice terraces in the three forest-fringed villages –  Ping’An Village (平安寨),  Dazhai Village (大寨) and Tiantouzhai Village ( 田头寨).

Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot
Address: Longsheng County, Guilin City, Guangxi, China
Tel: 0773-7583188
Official Website:

Ping’Ancun Village (平安寨)

Ping’Ancun Village is 18km to the northeast of the Longji Rice Terrace Ticketing Office ( Also the Bus Station and Parking Lot for Longji).

Dazhaicun Village (大寨) & Tiantouzhai Village ( 田头寨)

Dazhaicun Village and Tiantouzhai Village are 24 km to the northeast of the Longji Ticketing Office Building. Tiantouzhai is located on the hillsides above Dazhai Village. Both the two villages are roughly in the same area.

Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot Ticket Office

Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot Ticket Office is located about 1km to the south of Hepingxian (和平乡),  about 14 km to the southeast of Longsheng County (龙胜),  76km to the north of Guilin city proper (桂林) and 159km to the northwest of Yangshuo (阳朔).

76km to the north of Guilin and 159km to the northwest of Yangshuo (Google)
1km to the south of Hepingxian about 14 km to the southeast of Longsheng (Google)

Entrance Tickets

Adult ticket :80 RMB;
Group ticket (more than 20 people):75 RMB;
Scenic spot shuttle bus for group travellers (inside the scenic area) : 40 RMB;
Local public Bus for individual travellers: 40 RMB
Huangluo Yao Village Song and dance :80 RMB;
Jinkeng Sightseeing Cable Car : RMB 100 round-trip/RMB 55 one-way
Open all year round.

Longji Rice Terrace ticketing office building
Ticketing Counter for Individual Travellers at Longji Rice Terraces

The tourist service complex designed for Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot includes the ticketing office, bus station, toilets and other facilities.

Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Spot Ticket Office Map (Google)

How to get to the Longji Rice Terrace Ticketing Office from Guilin? 

There are daily buses directly getting to the Longji Ticketing Office Building from Guilin Qintan Bus Station and Guilin North Bus Station(76km)

There are three main bus stations in Guilin:

1) Guilin Qintan Bus Station 桂林琴谭汽车站
Add: 31 Cuizhu Road, Guilin 翠竹路31号
Tel: (0773)3832703
Departures ( to Longji ): 7:00-19:00 (every 15 minutes ); 25 yuan

2)Guilin North Bus Station 桂林汽车北站
Add: 76 Beichen  Road, Guilin北辰路76号
Departures (to Longji ): only 4 daily 8:25/11:40/13:40/17:20

3)Guilin South Bus Station 桂林汽车南站
No departure for Longji
Add: West of Kaifeng Road, Guilin 凯风路西侧

How to get to Ping’An Village,  Dazhai Village and Tiantouzhai Village from the Ticketing Office?

If you take a public bus from Guilin to the ticketing office in Longji,  you need to change for a local public bus to go further to each of the villages after you purchase your entry ticket.

If you take a car or van ( less than 9 seats ) to get to Longji Terrace, you can directly drive to each village. But you still need to purchase your ticket at the center before you go to each village.

At present, the official shuttle buses in Longji Rice Terrace Scenic Area are only designed for tourist groups instead of individual tourists. For those who come here organised by a travel agent need to purchase a 40-yuan bus ticket for the shuttle service shuttling from the ticketing office to Ping’An, Daizhai and Tiantouzhai.

It seems Longji Rice Terrace is not an individual tourist-friendly place where as an independent traveler, you are not allowed to use the shuttle service starting from the ticketing office. Instead, you have to take the local public buses outside the ticketing office to Ping’An (18km), or further to Dazhai and Tiantouzhai (24km).

It is an hourly bus ride with the bus fare at 40 yuan, a return ticket and valid for multi-days. So keep your bus ticket for a return trip from the villages back to the ticketing office.

All the local public buses come from Longsheng, on to Hepingxian Town and the ticketing office, so your bus ticket is also valid between the villages and Heping Town, or Longsheng. That means you are able to take bus to the villages directly from Heping Town or Longsheng as well as the Longji Ticketing Office.

Visit Ping’Ancun Village, or Dazhaicun Village and Tiantouzhai Village?

For a day tripper from Guilin or Yangshuo, people don’t have enough time to cover the three villages and have to make a choice between Ping’An Village, and Dazhai & Tiantouzhai villages due to the limited time since each village involves 2-3 hour hiking. Ping’An Village is about 19km away from Dazhai Village & Tiantouzhai Village.

So choose Ping’An Village, or its competitors Dazhai Village and Tiantouzhai Village? Ping’An Rice Terrace area often represents Longji Rice Terraces since Ping’Ancun Village was the first village in the scenic area developing rice terrace sightseeing tourism while Dazhai and Tiantouzhai are newcomers, beautiful competitors in a less touristy area.

Personally I highly recommend visiting Dazhai & Tiantouzhai since they have a much larger area put together of terraced paddy fields with more photogenic views. The upside is that they have a long cable car lifting you to the top of the mountain for a panoramic view of the terraced fields if you don’t have strong legs for hiking.

How to Visit Dazhaicun (大寨& Tiantouzhai (田头寨)

There is the same parking area and entrance to the two villages with Tiantouzhai Village perched on the hillsides and Dazhai Village at the foot of the hills. There are three high viewing platforms in the area – Platform No. 1, No 2 and No. 3.  

Dazhaicun Village and Tiantouzhai Village 24 km to the northeast of the Longji Ticketing Office Building.

You may hike from Dazhaicun to No.02 Platform in Tiantouzhai and up to the No.01 Platform on the summit. The Platform No.03 can be reached by the cable car service starting from the parking lot and by the entrance. Cable car: 55 yuan single and 100 return tickets.

Dazhaicun Village (大寨& Tiantouzhai Village (田头寨)

For a fast glimpse of the massive terrace rice fields, you may take the cable car up to the Viewing Platform No.03.  For hiking lovers, you may hike up from Dazhai Village along the trails with English signposts.

The time hiking up to No.01 and No.2, then back to the entrance takes about 4-5 hours. The last return bus from Dazhai to the ticketing office or Longsheng leaves at 5:30 pm. So carefully schedule your travel time for a day trip to Longji.

Follow me to have a virtual tour of Dazhaicun Village and Tiantoucun Village.

The Parking Area by the entrance to Dazhaicun Village and the Cable Car Station.

The Parking Area at Dazhai Village Longji

Take the cable car up the Viewing Platform for a bird’s-eye’s view of the magnificent terraced paddy fields.

Take the cable car at Longji Terraced Paddy Fields

The Dazhai Village and the surrounding rice terraces viewed from the Platform No.03.

The Dazhai Village and the surrounding rice terraces

A close-up view of the rice terraces.

close-up view of the rice terraces

The bird’s-eye view of the rice terraces from Panorama House Hotel higher on the mountain.

The bird’s-eye view of the rice terraces from Panorama House Hotel

The Viewing platform No.01 is the best place in Longji to see the sunrise.

The Sunrise at Longji

The sunrise over the terraced rice fields viewed from the Platform No.01.

Longji Rice Terraces Viewed from Platform No.01

The terraced paddy fields known as “Seven Star flying to the Moon”.

Seven Stars flying to the Moon

The  “the Thousand Terraces of the rice fields ” viewed from the Platform No.02

the Thousand Terraces of the rice fields

Recommended Hotels
1) Dragon’Den Hostel (大寨青年旅社):  Tel: 0773 – 7585780  Located in Dazhai Village
2) Meijing Lou (美景楼): Tel: 0773 7585678  Located in Tiantouzhai Village
Panorama House Hotel (全景楼大酒店):  On the summit of the mountain Tel: 0773 – 7585688

How to Visit Ping’An (平安村)?

Many individual trippers favor Ping’Ancun Village simply because it is closer to the ticketing office, saving time and another factor is Ping’An is more developed with better catering service and it is learned that even some foreigners run a bar restaurant there.

Ping’Ancun Village 18km to the northeast of the Longji Rice Terrace Ticketing Office (Google)

There are two Viewing Platforms – from the No.01 Platform you can catch the stunning view of the so-called “Nine Dragons and Five Tigers”, a metaphor vividly depicting the terraced paddy fields resembling dragons and tigers; from the No.02 Platform you ‘ll see ” Seven Stars Accompany the Moon” that refers the seven high terraced platform and the watered platform that resembles the Moon, a fantastic view.

The view of “Nine Dragons and Five Tigers ” at Ping’An Village

Nine Dragons and Five Tigers

The Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon at Ping’An

The Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon

The Ping’ An Village

The Ping’ An Village

Recommended Hotels
1) Longji Holiday Hotel (龙脊酒店): Tel: 0773 7583545
2) Liqing Hote (丽晴饭店) Tel: 0773 13878352092

Best time to view Longji Rice Terraces

Every year, the end of May and the beginning of June are the good season for viewing the terraces filled with water, when the terraces seem to be a layer of mirror.

The end of July and the beginning of August are all green. The end of September and the beginning of October are good time for viewing the golden yellow terraces.

Tip:  Hassle-free Guilin Guided Tours

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