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Is Beijing dangerous at night?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
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In other words, is Beijing safe at night? Well, basically Beijing is not a dangerous city if you venture to walk out of your cozy hotel and get the feel of the real life of the locals at night. Check out “Top 10 Things to Do in Beijing at night“.

Tiananmen Tower on the Midde of Chang’An Avenue

The main reasons behind its safety are that private guns and illegal drugs are not allowed in China.; go to the street with a sharp knife (oversized knife not permitted), you will be arrested by the police; most importantly you will be surprised to learn how safe and law-abiding Beijing is with surveillance cameras almost everywhere. So the crime rate in Beijing is very lower.

That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vigilant when you walk at night or during the daytime as well in Beijing. Even in the safest cities in the world, there’s always a risk, whether you’re in your hometown or a foreign city.

Back Alleys

Basically the main streets in Beijing are perfectly safe. But just use your common sense when you venture down back alleys.

Back alleys, locally known as “hutong”, a glimpse of the old hutongs in Beijing will be crammed into a travel plan for most of the first-time visitors coming to Beijing. Why hutongs? In a sense, the modern Beijing was born to hutongs, the unique and vernacular buildings or architectures. Check “Top 10 Hutongs in Beijing” for more travel information.

Prostitution in Beijing

Though illegal, prostitution is now very visible and exists in Beijing in the forms of bars and clubs; massage and “Beauty” parlors; karaoke bars and entertainment clubs.

Just avoiding getting approached, prostitutes and pimps can be “pushy,” toward visitors.

Pickpockets in Beijing

Be vigilant about pickpockets in Beijing! Pickpockets, like croachs, die hard. The thieves in Beijing are no exception like every large city in the world.

The most endangered places are public bus lines, subways, airport, popular tourist spots and shopping centers as well. These crowded places are where pickpockets often cruise around.

Tourist Scams in Beijing

Most foreign travelers feel very safe when traveling in Beijing. But that doesn’t mean you should lower your vigilance on possible travel scams in Beijing.

Tea Scam
At some heavy tourist areas (like Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street…),  you will be approached by one or three  attractive females or gentlemen, who are  willing to have a natural and nice talk with you or  even give you a free tour of hutong  in a polite way. 

She or he will talk about the interesting things in Beijing, or talk about the culture or history of your home country and even world affairs! Check “Top 10 Tourist Scams in Beijing“.

Air Quality

Beijing has been in the armageddon struggling with air pollution for years with a host of smog clearing programs on the way. But this doesn’t have immediate impact or completely eradicate smog overnight .

Beijing’s smog is the result of multiple factors like vehicle emission, coal-powered industry, dust from construction sites, all contributes to the smog which is accelerated by lack of wind and other human activities. Check out “8 Tips for Visiting Beijing in Smog” for more information.

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