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Top 10 Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Tips

Friday, March 21st, 2014
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Among over 1000 attractions in Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall is regarded as the top destination by numerous oversea travelers who have visited Beijing for the first time. There are tons of articles online or offine that give you detailed description of Mutianyu Great Wall itself.  Of course, I’m not going to parrot what they have written about Mutianyu Great Wall.   “Top Tips for visiting Mutian Great Wall” will offer you some practical travel tips for your maiden trip to the Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall

1.  Check for the Weather First
First ask for the weather and avoid hiking Mutianyu Great Wall in a hazy or blustery  day.  A smoggy day in particular will destroy your feeling with its low visibilty.  Check Beijing Realtime Photos for more climate information.

2. Be Aware of the Hawkers 
Some hawkers are very aggressive on the pathways up to the areas either for walking up or taking cable car up to the Wall.  Just ignore them!

3. Avoid  so-called “National travel Service”
Don’t use the travel service offered  by someone who claims that he or she is from “National travel Service”.  They often approach you at Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square or other hot sights and offer you cheap tours visiting Mutianyu Great Wall and other attractions. The trick is the hidden charges!

4.  Restored Section of the Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall is a restored section of the Wall with many tourists.  If you want to see an original section, you may go to the following sections:

Jinshanling Great Wall,
Gubeikou Great Wall
walk from Jiankou Great Wall to Mutianyu Great Wall.

5. Three Ways up to the Mutianyu Wall ( 23 Towers from east to West with the 23th Tower sitting on the highest)
1) Walking up the Mutianyu  Great Wall along the stone steps – to the 10th or 8th Watch Tower
You have to walk uphill more than 20-30 minutes to see the Wall, a great deal of walking up a long hill. If you don’t have strong legs, you’d better take a cable car or chairlift up to the Wall.
2) Taking a cable car up to the Great Wall – up to the platform below the 14th Watch Tower
The platform below the 14th tower is wheelchair user friendly
3) Taking a chairlift to the Great  Wall – to the 6th Watch Tower where you can also take  Toboggan down.
Taking the slide down is quite interesting.  But when you slide down,  somebody may have taken a picture of you and you are charged for your picture. You may just ignore it.

So you have three ways up to the Wall, cable car, chairlift and on foot. There are road signs leading to the three directions.

6.  Taking a Taxi to the Mutianyu Great Wall
Going to Mutianyu Great Wall is not as convenient as to Badaling Great Wall.  You may take a private taxi if you travel with young kids or seniors. The  cost will be approx RMB350 to max RMB500 for the 180km two-way transfer, plus waiting time, which also depends on how you haggle with your taxi driver.

7. Taking the Public Bus to Mutianyu Great Wall
1) Take Tourist Bus No.867  to Mutianyu Great Wall Directly running to Mutianyu Great Wall 慕田峪长城  The Tourist Bus 867 operates two daily departures: Start at 7:00am and 8:30am; return at 2:00pm and 4:00pm Valid time: from March 15 – Nov 15 each year. From: Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub (东直门交通枢纽)

2) Bus No. 916 Express (916快)To: Mutianyu Great Wall 慕田峪长城 Important Notice: The final destination of the Bus 916 Express is actually Huairou Beidajie (怀柔北大街)in Huairou District, then you have to change for the local bus No.936 (Huairou – Dongtai 怀柔至洞台), continue to take the bus 936 (936路支线) for another 18.6km, pass 8 stops and get off at Mutianyu Great Wall finally.

8. Entrance Fees & Opening Hours
Entrance Fee: RMB45
Cable car: RMB 60 (single trip); RMB80 (round trip)
Slideway: RMB 60 (single trip); RMB80 (round trip)
Opening Hours: 08:00-16:00

9.  Mutianyu Great Wall  Wheelchair users
On the Mutianyu Great Wall, wheelchair users may take a cable car up and then use the accessible lane leading to the platform below the 14th watch tower for a good view of Mutianyu Great Wall. The accessible lane is from the upper cable car station to the platform below the 14th watch tower on Mutianyu Great Wall.

10. Miscellaneous Things
1. Cap, sun-glasses, sunscreen (summer);  thick winter clothes ( winter ) and bottles of water
2. Using toilets at the entrance of the Wall. No toilets on the hiking route. Please always carry toilet paper by yourself.
3. You are responsible for your travel insurrance for your coverage of injury or accident.
4. Be a green and responsible hiker, taking nothing but photos and leaving nothing but footprint.

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