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Train from Beijing to Xian

Friday, August 3rd, 2012
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Plan your Beijing Xian tour by train?  Visiting Xian from Beijing by train is a fun and interesting travel experience. But travel China by train is more complicated than by flight mainly due to the less internet connectivity pertaining China’s train schedules, train types, train fares and etc. My post today may be a little helful for planning your train travel from Beijing to Xian.
Which railway station in Beijing for the trains from Beijjing to Xian?
At the time of my writing, all the trains from Beijing to Xian start from Beijing West Railway Station. There are mainly four railway stations in Beijing, namely Beijing Railway Station ( the oldest one), Beijing South Railway Station ( mainly for bullet trains), Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station ( for Badaling Great Wall).  So make sure you are on the right train station – Beijing West Train Station: from Beijing to Xian.  
Beijing Xian train schedule
In the process of planning your Beijing Xian train travel, you’d better first check Beijing Xian train schedule. There are a few online China train timetables including the Beijing Xian Train Schedule provided by
How many daily trains from Beijing Xian?
Going between Beijing and Xian, there are 10 daily high-speed trains and 10 overnight fast trains. 
Major Beijing to Xian Overnight Fast Train Timetable & Fares( Unit: RMB )
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft 4-bed Cabin Soft 2-bed Cabin
T7 Beijing West 17:12 Xian 07:03+1 440 /
Z19 Beijing West 20:43 Xian 07:58+1 415 765
T55 Beijing West 17:31 Xian 6:32 + 1 415 /
T43 Beijing West 19:50 Xian 08:34+1 442 814
Major Xian to Beijing Overnight Fast Train Timetable & Fares
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft 4-bed Cabin Soft 2-bed Cabin
T232 Xian 17:44 Beijing West 06:05+1 415 /
T42 Xian 18:18 Beijing West 09:08+1 442 /
T44 Xian 19:00 Beijing West 08:29+1 442 814
Z20 Xian 19:55 Beijing West 07:10+1 415 765
T56 Xian 21:14 Beijing West 10:10 +1 415 /
Major Beijing to Xian High-speed Daytime Train Timetable & Fares( Unit: RMB )
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time First Class Second Class
G651 Beijing West 07:05 Xian North 12:48 824.5 515.5
G653 Beijing West 08:21 Xian North 14:11 824.5 515.5
G655 Beijing West 10:05 Xian North 15:43 824.5 515.5
G657 Beijing West 11:06 Xian North 16:47 824.5 515.5
G659 Beijing West 12:08 Xian North 17:35 824.5 515.5
G87 Beijing West 14:00 Xian North 18:40 824.5 515.5
G667 Beijing West 17:38 Xian North 23:05 824.5 515.5
Major Xian to Beijing High-speed Daytime Train Timetable & Fares
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time First Class Second Class
G2508 Xian North 07:28 Beijing West 13:27 824.5 515.5
G652 Xian North 07:50 Beijing West 13:17 824.5 515.5
G654 Xian North 08:50 Beijing West 14:20 824.5 515.5
G656 Xian North 10:05 Beijing West 15:35 824.5 515.5
G658 Xian North 10:40 Beijing West 16:26 824.5 515.5
G660 Xian North 11:35 Beijing West 17:12 824.5 515.5
G662 Xian North 14:40 Beijing West 20:33 824.5 515.5
G664 Xian North 16:03 Beijing West 21:38 824.5 515.5
G668 Xian North 17:55 Beijing West 23:20 824.5 515.5
Which train station in Xian for the trains from Beijing?
All the 10 fast overnight trains from Beijing to Xian arrive at Xian Railway Station. The other 10 high-speed trains (G Trains)  from Beijing stops at Xian North Railway Station .
How long for the train from Beijing to Xian?
Of all the 10 fast overnight trains from Beijing to Xian, averagely it takes approx. 12 or 13 hours for the train trip from Beijing to Xian and vice versa. The fastest is the highspeed train taking 5 and half hours.
All the 10 fast overnight trains leave Beijing in the afternoon and arriving at Xian in the early morning. If you prefer to take an overnight train, you will benefit from saving one night accommodation on the train and more daytime for sightseeing either in Beijing and Xian; of course, taking a daytime highspeed trains offer you more time for daytime sightseeing along the train route from Beijing to Xian. Make sure which train you like for your train travel from Beijing to Xian.
Train fares, coach classes and train types from Beijing to Xian?
There are four kinds of trains from Beijing to Xian: G train (highspeed train), Z train (thorough express train), T train (Express Train) and K train (fast train). Basically there are two kinds of coaches on the train – hard speeper and soft sleeper. A hard spleeper coach has open cabins with 6 beds; a soft sleeper coach has cabins with 4 beds.
In addition to 4-beded cabins, three trains also have 2-bed cabins – Train T43 and Z19.
The Beijing Xian train tickets cost between CNY 400 and CNY472 which depend on the specific train you are going to take. The highspeed train is the most expensive – CNY824 (first class) and CNY515 (second class)
Please check China Train Ticket Classes for more information.
Tips for taking a train from Beijing to Xian
1) For taking the overnight trains, you should prepare some food, or snacks and drinks for dinner and breakfast.
2) Beijing Western Railway Station is very busy and crowded. Keep an eye on your ticket and belongings.
3) Check with a huge train schedule board with timely information on the trains in and out.
4) A clerk from the waiting lounge will check your train ticket before you go to your platform.
5) At the entrance to the train, passengers must give the tickets to the conductoress of the rail car to exchange for a boarding card. The card shows your berth number same with the ticket. Once you are on the train and the train is moving, the conductress will walk to you again to check your passport or ID card for security reason. When the train is about to arrive, the conductress will approach you to exchange the card back for the ticket.
6) Four people in one compartment – two upper berths and two lower berths. Most people prefer lower berth. So lower berth are harder to get than upper berths. The sheets, one pillow and quilt are very clean and tidy. High up there is a big luggage rack. Well, you will find some portable window seats.
7) There is always hot water available on the trains in flasks. If you have your own glass and tea, you can use the hot water to make the tea.
8)  Each sleeper is with a LCD TV. i.e. 4 LCD per compartme
9) The train is well equipped with some useful facilities on both ends of the car – a three-basin wanshing room, two clean toilets, one free hot water cooker. If you have your own glass and tea, you can use the hot water to make the tea.
10) All the compartments are non-smoking. But for heavy smokers, please don’t be dissappointed. On each linked area between two rail cars, you can smoke! One ashtray is hung on the wall of the linked area.
11) When the train is about to arrive, the conductress will approach you to exchange back the card back for your ticket.
Any questions, just drop a line.