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Touch a physical Google for the first time

Thursday, October 27th, 2011
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For many online companies like, Google is the God, the Sky, the Earth on which they live. Now everything can be googled. Google has empowered ordinary people to become experts in short time on some areas which were normally restricted to a handful of people who would spend years for learning on the specific aspects. 

Having Googled, you become a doctor, a trip advisor, a weather expert, a writer, a journalist, a seller, a buyer, a teacher…, the list can be infinite. Google has changed the world, the life style, the thinking and the social structure. In a word, Google has created a new world, a world of information, a world of communication.

This afternoon, I have an opportunity to enter the Google office building in Haidian District Beijing. It is my first time to feel and touch a physical Google. The ten-storey building stands elegantly in the Tsinghua High-tech Garden, west of Wudao Kou in Haidian District of Beijing.

Google’s Ten-Storey Building

Google’s Ten-Storey Building

Our meeting room is arranged on the sixth floor, a space that can accommodate over 50 people. 

Our meeting room was arranged on the sixth floor

The corridor with a Google Logo leading to the meeting room

The corridor with a Google Logo leading to the meeting room

Various fruits, snacks are put on shelves. Of course, they are free.

Various fruits, snacks are put on shelves.

Office equipments are arranged neatly in the corridor. 
A glimpse of a Goolgle office

A glimpse of a Goolgle office

A picture of Eating Pyramid hanging on the wall

The health eating pyramid picture on the wall

A 3-hour inside the google office building in Beijing has impressed me greatly. It is a global company with a global vision, a leader in the search engine world.

We sincerely hope Google is, has been and will be our lighthouse in the ocean of information. We love Google, for it has empowered us!