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Xian Bar Street

Sunday, August 1st, 2021
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Plan your Xian Tour? You may have one question: what to do in Xian after dark? You have some alternatives to relax yourself after a day’s trip to the cultural relics in Xian.

Like many big cities in China, Xian also has a street designed to house a groups of bars and cafes, which offer various drinking options for tourists and locals as well. The bar street is called Defuxiang Bar Street. “Defuxiang” literally means “Virtue Fortune Lane”.

Defuxiang Bar Street is located to the northwest of South Gate in Xian. It is walkable either from Bell Tower or South Gate. After three years’ expansion and renovation, Defuxiang Bar Street was open to visitors on March, 1995.

The bar street is about 200m long from north to south, rife with as many as over 20 bars and cafes. The bar street has a north entrance, which ia a 3-gate decorated arch while its south gate is a one-gate arch.

The 200m bar street is a hangout mainly for petty young people and tourists home and abroad. The common types of cars parking along the bar street tells the fact that most of the bar goers here are middle-class people.

Drinking prices here are comparatively lower than those in Beijing and Shanghai. For a glass of beer, you pay RMB15-30. Most of the bars are open till small hours. Basically if you sit there drinking, nobody will remind you to leave the bar.

Defuxiang Bar Street is very close to South Gate to the south,  Melody Hotel Xian and Citadines Xi’an Central to the north.

There are some good bars in other places, though they cannot from a-called bar street. So Defuxiang Bar is the only bar street in Xian at the moment.

A 3-gate decorated arch, the north entrance to Defuxiang Bar Street. The Defuxiang Bar Street has a cobble-stone road winding between two-storey buildings on both sides. The two-storey buildings are replicas of traditional Chinese and even Western architectures.

The First Bar at the northern entrance to Defuxiang Bar Street.

The First Bar at the northern entrance to Defuxiang Bar Street.

Old Captain Bar and Old Henry Bar
Yoyo Bar

The the southern entrance to the Defuxiang Bar Street. Looking for more options for drinking at night? Please drop a line, you will be informed of more about bars in Xian.

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