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Top 10 Shopping Malls in Xi’an

Thursday, February 10th, 2022
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Xi’an is an ancient city with over two thousand years’ history. Viewing the Xian Terracotta Army is the main highlight for most of the travellers visiting Xi’an. If times allows after your Xian Tour it is advisable to take a walk along the 4 avenues radiating for Bell Tower, either for window shopping or selecting your souvenirs from Xi’an.

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Xi’an Tourist Map

Some of the shopping malls in Xian are located on the four avenues, namely South Avenue, West Avenue, East Avenue and north Avenue within the ancient Xian city. I’ve rounded up the top shopping malls in Xian and guarantee that you will not leave empty-handed. Bring your wallet and enjoy your shopping!

If you are more interested in street market shopping, you may check my another quick guide – “Top Markets in Xian” for more information.

Top 01: Kai Yuan Shopping Mall

Kaiyuan Shopping Mall is located in the center of Xi’an, in front of the Bell Tower. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Xian. With reasonable prices and good quality commodities, as well as good facilities, Kaiyuan enjoys a good reputation in Xian and is a very popular shopping mall.

Add: East of Bell Tower, East Avenue, Xian 东大街 Tel: (029)87235382
Kai Yuan Shopping Mall

Kai Yuan Shopping Mall

Top 02: Minsheng Department Store 民生百货

Minsheng Department Store ranks one of the best ten Department Stores in China. This department store covers 130,000 square meters, mainly consisting of food markets, clothes stores and commodities.

There are a great variety of things for you to buy. It is one of Xian’s top department stores, selling food, clothes and many other things.

Add: No.103 Jiefang Road, Xian
Tel: 950711
Minsheng Department Store

Minsheng Department Store

Top 03: Parkson Shopping Center ( East Avenue) 百盛购物中心

Parkson has had a longer presence in Xian than most of the other middle-end department stores in its category Typical departments include clothing, household, appliances, electronics, books and music. There is also a supermarket on 4th floor.

Add: No. 238 East Avenue, Xian 碑林区东大街239号百盛购物中心
Tel: (029)87447778
Parkson Shopping Center ( East Avenue)

Parkson Shopping Center ( East Avenue)

Top 04: Century Ginwa Shopping Mall 世纪金花购物中心

Century Ginwa Shopping Mall is a high quality, exclusive shopping center. There are over sixty world-famous brands for discriminating customers, including Bally, Burberry, Dior, Givenchy, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and many more all of which make Ginwa a fashion center in Xian.

Add: No.27, West Avenue, Bell and Drum Tower Square, Xian 西安市莲湖区西大街27号
Tel: 029 :(029)87284688
Century Ginwa Shopping Mall

Century Ginwa Shopping Mall

Top 05 SAGA Shopping Mall 西安赛格国际购物中心

SAGA is the largest shopping mall in Xian. It provides a cluster of world famous fashion brands, such as ARMANI JEANS、TOMMY HILFIGER、GUESS, UR,ZIOZIA, Snidel, VGO and more.

Add:123 Chang’an Nan Ru, Yanta District, Xian 西安市雁塔区长安中路123号
Open Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
SAGA Shopping Mall

SAGA Shopping Mall

Top 06 Golden Eagle 西安金鹰国际购物中心高新店

Golden Eagle is one of the biggest modern shopping malls. It is located in the fast developing Gaoxin District in Xian. It offers numerous good quality brand name clothes, electronics and jewelry. Golden Eagle Xian Gaoxin Store has 4 floors in the Sea Star City Plaza.

Add:No.37, Keji Road, Xian 科技路37号金鹰国际购物中心
Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Top 07: Zhongda International 中大国际

Zhongda International known as the most luxurious shopping center in Xi‘an is located at No.30 South Street (belong to central business district). You can go there by foot from the Bell Tower.

If you need clothing or shoes suitable for a business activities or a banquet, you can go there. Of course the price is not cheap.

Add: 30 South Street, Beilin District, Xian 陕西省西安碑林区南大街30号
Tel: (029)87203604
Zhongda International

Zhongda International

Top # 08: Xian Wal-Mart Supercenter (沃尔玛(骡马市店)
Walmart entered the Chinese market and opened its first Supercenter and Sam’s Club in Shenzhen in 1996. Walmart opened on 25th, Oct 2007 is a fresh men in Xian. It firmly believes in local sourcing. Many people like there because of its reasonable price.

Add: Luomashi Commercial Street, Beilin District 骡马市街
Tel: (029)029-87656890
Xian Wal-Mart Supercenter on Luomasi Alleyway,

Xian Wal-Mart Supercenter on Luomashi Alleyway,

Top 09 Printemps China Department Store 巴黎春天百货

It is situated along the Chang’an International Square, just outside the North Gate of Xian City. It is mainly targeted at the people with an elite life style. It sells a cluster of famous world fashion brands – such as BALLY, Chloe, Gucci, Fendi and Ermenegildo Zegna and many more.

Add: 91, Nanguan Zhengjie, Chang’an Road, Xian 碑林区长安路南关正街91号
Tel:( 029)87651600
Opening Hours: 09:30 – 21:30

Top 10 Wangzuo International Shopping Mall 旺座国际购物中心

Wangzuo International Shopping Mall sits inside Wangzuo International City,which is located southeast of the crossroad between Tangye Road and Keji Road, X’ian. It offers one-stop shopping service for shoppers with a cluster of world famous brands, such as CELYN.B、PINKO 、PATRIZIAPEPE、LOVE SEXY MONEY, JS FROM、BLANK5 SPACE and many more.

Add: Southeast of the crossroad between Tangye Road and Keji Road, Xia 唐延路与科技路交汇处

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