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Best Time and Place to See Cherry & Tulip Flowers in Hangzhou

Saturday, March 24th, 2018
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Plan your Hangzhou tour in spring? So where is the best place to feel and touch spring in Hangzhou? Actually Hangzhou is a garden where you can find numerous places dotted with blooming spring flowers on the streets, in the city parks and in the surrounding hills. You are immersed in the sea of blossoms when you come to Hangzhou in spring.

Prince Bay Park (Taiziwan Park ) is oft-lauded as the most popular place to see and feel the coming of spring in Hangzhou with its beautiful tulips and sakura ( cherry flowers ) and poetic landscapes.

Over 1000 cherry trees fit in with 45 kinds of tulips planted on the elegantly set landscapes – lakes, bridges, pavilions and gardens. When you raise your heads, you view the white cherry flowers; when you look down, you see the colorful tulips blossoms – red, yellow, white and more.

Where is Prince Bay Park?
The park is set on the natural hilly land on the southwest of West Lake, just across the southern end of Su Causeway.

When to Visit Prince Bay Park?
Prince Park is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Each season has its own charming features. But spring is the best time to visit Prince Bay Park to view the blooming cherry blossoms and tulips blooms. The best time is from March 20 to Apring 10.

How to get to Prince Bay Park?
For the tulip and cherry season, the park is very much crowded with hordes of tourists. Just try to avoid coming here on the weekends. Come to the park either in the early morning or later afternoon to skip the crowds. You may take the bus lines: 51, 52, 334, Y6, 87, 315,
314 and 4, getting off at the station of Su Causeway.

Yesterday late afternoon, together with my wife and sister in law, we strolled in Prince Bay Park, fascinated by the traditional landscapes rife with blooming cherry and tulip flowers.

Though the park is sprawling and spacious, some scenic areas are still very crowded with people struggling with their cameras and iphone camera taking photos of the charming blossoms.

Below are some of the pictures taken during our short trip to Prince Bay Park.

Beautiful lawn hemmed with three kinds of blooming tulips.


Cherry trees fit in with tulips.


Cherry trees and tulips are artfully planted.


On the background of the distant hills and the limpid lake in the park.


The lake mirror of the park


An ideal place for wedding photography


Streams cascading with red tulips in the mirror.


People viewing the scene is also in the scene.


Poetic Water reflection.

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Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival

Monday, March 12th, 2018
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Planning your Shanghai tour? If you happen to visit Shanghai during late March and early April, you have the chance to participate in the annual cherry blossom festival in Shanghai. The main venue for the blossom festival is Gucun Park (顾村公园), Gucun Town, Baoshan District, about 20km north of People’s Square in Shanghai.

Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival
The 1st Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival
Venue: Gucun Park
Time:  March 15 – April 15

Gucun Park and other 7 parks – Gongqing Forest Park, Fengxian Haiwan National Forest Park, Pudong Century Park, Pudong Huaxia Park, Minxing Sports Park, Hongkou Luxun Park and Yangpu Park.

Shanghai Cherry Blossom

Shanghai Cherry Blossom

Shanghai Blossom Festival and Gucun Park
Spring has quietly landed on Shanghai with green colors and spring flowers appearing in the gardens and parks scattered around Shanghai. The green spaces in the metropolitan city of Shanghai are larger than many people expect. Gucun Park is one of the suburban parks favored by Shanghai residents.

Gucun Park has a total area of 434 hectares, the core of Shanghai’s green ecology and the largest suburban park in Shanghai. Gucun Park is mainly composed of 7 gardens – Exotic Garden, Forest Barbecue Garden, Suburban Forest Garden, Forest Stroll Garden, Children Carnival, Forest Sports Garden and Botanical Sightseeing Garden.

The park also promotes 4 themed seasonal events – Viewing Cherry Blossoms in Spring, Seeing Lotus Flowers in Summer, Appreciating Osmanthus in Autumn and Viewing Plum Blossoms in Winter.

Shanghai Blossom Festival is the biggest event ever held in Gucun Park annually. The 2015′ Shanghai Blossom Festival is also co-sponsored by other 7 parks in Shanghai – Gongqing Forest Park, Fengxian Haiwan National Forest Park, Pudong Century Park, Pudong Huaxia Park, Minxing Sports Park, Hongkou Luxun Park and Yangpu Park.

So if you are pressed for time, you may choose to visit any of the 7 parks near your hotel or residence.

Entrance Fee: Gucun Park ( 20 yuan ), Gongqing Forest Park (15 yuan ), Fengxian Haiwan National Forest Park (80 yuan), Pudong Century Park (10 yuan), Pudong Huaxia Park (free), Minxing Sports Park (free), Hongkou Luxun Park (free) and Yangpu Park (free).

How to Get to Gucun Park
Add: 4788 Hutai Road, Bashan District, Shanghai 地址:上海市宝山区沪太路4788号
Service Hotlines:021-56045199, 021-36621019
Free Service: Push carts for babies, wheelchairs, and medical care ( aid kit )
Public Transport Route: Bus 527 and 528
Metro: Subway Line 7
Parking Lot: 5700 individual parking spaces.

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