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Visit Beijing in April

Saturday, March 17th, 2018
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April is one of the best months to tour Beijing. Actually a warm and comfortable spring in Beijing starts from early April, one month later than that in southern China. The temperature in April rises gradually with the average low at 7℃ and highest 20 ℃.

April is also a time for enjoying all kinds of flowers booming in and around Beijing. In spring, one of the best delights is to see various flowers coming into blossom one after another under the warm sunshine.

Check the following historical climate data to prepare for your Beijing tour  what to wear and what to pack.

Historical Climate Data for April in Beijing
This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our Beijing April Realtime Weather Photos  for more information on the Beijing weather in April.

Date       Average High    Average Low    Precipitation    Extreme High    Extreme Low
April 01 16℃ 4℃ 1mm 26℃(2002) -3℃(1972)
April 02 17℃ 4℃ 1mm 27℃(2002) -2℃(1957)
April 03 17℃ 4℃ 1mm 25℃(1968) -1℃(1978)
April 04 18℃ 5℃ 0mm 27℃(1994) -3℃(1976)
April 05 19℃ 6℃ 1mm 27℃(1952) -1℃(1973)
April 06   18℃ 6℃              1mm 28℃(1955) -1℃(1965)
April 07 18℃ 6℃ 0mm               28℃(1982) 0℃(1972)
April 08 18℃ 6℃ 0mm 29℃(1952) -2℃(1972)
April 09 18℃ 6℃ 1mm 28℃(2004) -1℃(1971)
April 10 18℃               6℃ 0mm 27℃(1963) -3℃(1965)
April 11 19℃ 6℃ 0mm 28℃(2004)       -1℃(1966)
April 12 19℃ 7℃ 1mm 30℃(2000) 1℃(1968)
April 13 20℃ 7℃ 0mm 31℃(1956) 0℃(1953)
April 14 21℃ 8℃ 0mm 29℃(1956) 1℃(1980)
April 15 20℃ 8℃ 1mm 31℃(1965) 2℃(1953)
April 16 21℃ 8℃ 1mm 29℃(2001) -1℃(1980)
April 17 21℃ 8℃ 0mm 32℃(1993) 1℃(1973)
April 18 21℃ 9℃ 1mm 31℃(1993) 4℃(1971)
April 19 21℃ 9℃ 1mm 30℃(2004) 2℃(1965)
April 20 21℃ 9℃ 2mm 29℃(1977) 3℃(1986)
April 21 22℃ 9℃ 1mm 30℃(1998) 1℃(1951)
April 22 22℃ 10℃ 1mm 30℃(1973) 1℃(1959)
April 23 22℃ 10℃ 1mm 29℃(1983) 2℃(1951)
April 24 22℃ 9℃ 1mm 30℃(1983) 3℃(1980)
April 25 22℃ 9℃ 2mm 31℃(1953) 3℃(1962)
April 26 22℃ 10℃ 1mm 32℃(1981) 1℃(1979)
April 27 22℃ 9℃ 1mm 33℃(1988) 2℃(1984)
April 28 23℃ 10℃ 1mm 31℃(1972) 4℃(1965)
April 29 23℃ 11℃ 1mm 31℃(1972) 4℃(1956)
April 30 24℃ 11℃ 1mm 32℃(1981) 5℃(1979)


Yulan Magnolia


April Events, Holidays & Festivals

April is one of the best months to tour Beijing. Actually a warm and comfortable spring in Beijing starts from early April, one month later than that in southern China. The temperature in April rises gradually with the average low at 7℃ and highest 20 ℃.

Public Holiday
Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Festival) 清明节
Qingming Festival falls on April 4 each year. For the Chinese, Qingming, first of all, a day to remember and honor one’s ancestor. People, young and old like, pray before the ancestors, sweep the bombs and offer food, tea, chopsticks, paper accessories and/or
libation to the ancestor. People have one paid day off.

Qingming is also a day to celebrate the coming of spring. People go on family outings, start the spring ploughing, sing, dance etc. Another popular thing to do is fly skies.

Annual Events and Festivals
1. World Snooker China Open 斯诺克中国公开赛 (北京)
The tournament currently takes place at the Beijing University Students’ Gymnasium, Haidian District, Beijing in late March and early April. It is the last ranking event before the World Championship.

2. Beijing International Long-distance Running Festival  北京国际长跑节
Normally Beijing International Running Festival Kicks off on mid April 1 .  The annual spring running meet has been a traditional sporting activity in the capital city ever since its established  in 1956.

3. Yuyuantan Park Cherry Blossom Festival北京玉渊潭樱花节
Avenue: Yuyuantan Park ( not far from CCTV Tower and the China Millennium)

Time: Late March – April
Yuyuantan Park is a hectic tourist attraction from April through to early May every year due to its amazing cherry blossoms. There are around 200,000 plants including about 2000 cherry trees with approx. 20 different species. Many of the cherry trees were gifts from Japan when the two countries established diplomatic ties in the 1970s.

4. Beijing Tulip Cultural Festival 北京国际鲜花港郁金香文化节
Venue: Beijing Shunyi Fresh Flower Port
Add: Located in Shunyi District’s Yang Town, Beijing

Time: Mid-April – early May
The tulip culture festival will be held in an indoor site and an outdoor site. Over 3 million tulips with more than 70 species, such as Barcelona, Xiusemeiren and Don Quixote, and some bulbous flowers rarely seen in China such as Hyacinth, Water Hyacinth and Ranunculus Asiaticus, and some advanced techniques including soulless planting and pot growing will be displayed at the outdoor site.

5. Beijing Zhongshan Park Tulip Festival 中山公园郁金香节
Avenue: Zhongshan Park ( on the north of Tiananmen Square )

Opening Time: around mid-April
This peaceful park becomes awash with the color of tulip blossoms. It boasts over 30 varieties of tulips with over 300,000 tulips. Each year it attracts thousands of visitors.

6. Beijing International Peach Blossom Music Festival 北京 国际桃花音乐节
The annual International Peach Blossom Festival is held in mid-April in Pinggu County,  Beijing and last one month. Pinggu is quite popular for its peaches and peach garden. Now it is the largest peach garden throughout the world.

7. Beijing International Film Festival 北京国际电影周
The week-long film festival was established in 2011.  Normally it takes place in late April annually. Beijing International Film Festival, with its elaborate ceremonies, red carpets and diverse perspectives, is an unmissable chance for movie-lovers to see the latest films from both home and abroad.

8. Beijing International Automobile Exhibition 北京国际汽车展览会
Beijing International Automotive Exhibition or Auto China  is an auto show held in late April biennially in Beijing since 1990. This auto festival has now become one of three top auto shows in the world and other two are  Frankfurt (Frankfurt Motor Show), New Delhi (Auto Expo) . Currently China boasts the largest and fastest growing auto market in the world.

9. Meet in Beijing Arts Festival “相约北京”艺术节
Organizing Committee Office of Meet in Beijing Arts Festival
Add: N0. 10, Chaoyangmen North Street, Beijing 100020 P.R. China

Meet in Beijing Arts Festival is a large-scale international festival hosted by Beijing Municipality Government, China’s Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The Festival was inaugurated in 2000 and held annually.
Time: Late April

10. Miaofengshan Temple Fair 妙峰山传统民俗庙会
Venue: Miao Feng Shan, about 55km West of Beijing, is the nearest mountain in Beijing

Time: Late April and mid May
At the end of April, Miao Feng Shan Mountain with several century-old pilgrim’s trails and the Golden Summit, will hold the biggest temple fair in northern China. Temple fairs have traditionally been a time for worshiping the gods and praying for blessings, a great opportunity for some serious fun. Many kinds of traditional shows will be on display.

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Escorted Beijing tour in Spring time
Don’t want to go the do-it-yourself tour? No worries, here are some options for guided tours to Beijing for your springtime trip.

Beijing Spring Tour


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