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Arrival Hall of Beijing South Railway Station

Saturday, July 9th, 2011
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Of the four the train stations in Beijing (Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Station, Beijing South Station and Beijing North Station), Beijing South Railway Station serves as the terminal for the high speed trains, including Tianjin, Shanghai and more cities which have railway stations for high speed trains.

If you are leaving Beijing by taking a high speed train, please check “Departure Hall of Beijing South Railway Station” for detailed information.

 If you come to Beijing by high speed train, a lttle knowledge about the Arrival Hall of Beijing South Railway Station will help you facilitating your train transfer in Beijing South Railway Station. 

Your platform is on the ground floor totaling 24 platforms in Beijing South Railway Station. Just follow the throng and go down by using an escalator to the underground floor, the arrival hall of Beijing South Railway Station. 

So the Departure Hall of Beijing South Railway Station is on the second floor, the platform on the first floor and the underground floor (B1) is for arrival.

When you arrive at Beijing South Railway Station, you will come to the underground floor ( B1), the transportation hub for transferring the disembarking passengers to the city area of Beijing. Beijing South Railway Station is served by Subway Line 4, city buses, taxis…

The entrance to Subway Line 4 is located in the middle of the arrival hall (B1) of Beijing South Railway Station   

Studying the Subway Line 4

Buying the subway tickets

Going down to the B2 for the subway line 4

There are two city bus hubs – North Plaza and South Plaza. Just follow the signs and get to the bus hubs both in the south or north. The bus lines at the north bus hub (F1): 20, 458, 102, 106, 84, and 203 (night)

The bus lines at the south bus hub (f1): 529,  652, 72, T5, T8, 665 and 208 (night)

There are two taxi waiting areas in B1, east and west. At the time of my writing, the west taxi waiting area has more taxis than the east taxi terminal.

Go to the east taxi terminal

 For the first time visitors to Beijing, it is better to take a taxi to the city center. If you find the taxi waiting queue is too long, you may consider using the subway line 4. So do some research on the subway map. Get off the stop near your hotel, then take a taxi on the move. In Beijing, it is much easier to hail a taxi on the move than in the waiting areas in a railway station or airport.

One taxi versus over one hundred of waiting passengers!!

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