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Visit Beijing in October

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
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Plan your Beijing autumn tours in October? October is one of the best months to visit Beijing. It is a tourist peak season in Beijing.

October 01 – 07 is an important China holiday – China National Day, a week-long holiday. There will be a huge crowd of domestic tourists flocking to Beijing. Avoid visiting Beijing during the week-long holiday (October 01 – 07 ).

Most of the days in October are fine with blue sky. But there are some foggy days happening in October. Check the live weather report and arrange your sightseeing, especially the outdoor activities.

Beijing autumn, specifically the two months from the mid-September to mid-November are the ideal season to visit Beijing in a year.

It’s always comfortably cool outside, exploring the city’s streets and hutong, killing your time in the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants, climbing the suburban mountains, being a hero by hiking the great wall and enjoying the best autumn hues feasting your eyes.

Get out and enjoy the best fall colours probably the most ideal period from October 15 throughout November 15 in Beijing with many trees stripped of their leaves by the end of October. Snap pictures or just take in a feast for the eyes!

Fairly big difference in temperature between early morning and afternoon. Wear a jacket, or a warm coat in the morning, long-sleeve shirts or short T-shirts in the afternoon. So be mindful of the temperture difference in Autumn.

Comfortabel sportshoes, rubber soled shoes for hiking. In afternoon, sometimes the autumn sunlight could be very strong, get ready for sunglasses, suncream and sun hat.

Historical Weather Data for October in Beijing

This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our Beijing October Realtime Weather Photos   for more information on the Beijing weather in October. ————————————————————————-

DateAverage highAverage lowPrecipitationExtreme HighExtreme low
Oct 0122℃12℃1mm30℃(1966)5℃(1967)
Oct 0222℃11℃2mm30℃(2006)3℃(1969)
Oct 0322℃11℃2mm30℃(2006)4℃(1969)
Oct 0423℃10℃1mm31℃(2006)2℃(1954)
Oct 0522℃10℃1mm29℃(1990)3℃(1971)
Oct 0622℃10℃2mm29℃(1951)5℃(1995)
Oct 0722℃10℃0mm29℃(1951)    4℃(1977)
Oct 0822℃10℃1mm            29℃(1979)1℃(1955)
Oct 0921℃10℃0mm29℃(1951)4℃(1974)
Oct 1021℃10℃1mm27℃(1979)2℃(1955)
Oct 11      20℃9℃2mm25℃(1975)1℃(1952)
Oct 1220℃            9℃           1mm25℃(1991)1℃(1952)
Oct 1320℃8℃1mm28℃(1990)2℃(2000)
Oct 1419℃8℃1mm26℃(2008)2℃(1973)
Oct 1520℃8℃1mm27℃(1957)-2℃(1962)
Oct 1619℃7℃0mm26℃(2008)-1℃(1960)
Oct 1719℃7℃0mm24℃(1953)-1℃(1957)
Oct 1819℃7℃1mm26℃(1965)0℃(1968)
Oct 1918℃7℃1mm27℃(1997)2℃(1956)
Oct 2018℃7℃0mm29℃(1997)1℃(1991)
Oct 2118℃6℃1mm25℃(1989)-1℃(1979)
Oct 2218℃6℃1mm25℃(1967)-2℃(1972)
Oct 2317℃6℃1mm24℃(1985)-3℃(1974)
Oct 2416℃6℃1mm23℃(2005)-1℃(1982)
Oct 2516℃5℃1mm23℃(1995)-1℃(1956)
Oct 2616℃5℃0mm24℃(1979)-1℃(1952)
Oct 2716℃5℃1mm24℃(1965)-1℃(1958)
Oct 2816℃4℃1mm24℃(1979)-2℃(2002)
Oct 2916℃4℃1mm22℃(2006)-3℃(2002)
Oct 3016℃4℃0mm23℃(1971)-4℃(1986)
Oct 3115℃4℃0mm23℃(2006)0℃(1955)

October Events, Holidays & Festivals

October is one of the best months to visit Beijing. It is a tourist peak season in Beijing. October 01 – 07 is an important China holiday – China National Day, a week-long holiday. There will be a huge crowd of domestic tourists flocking to Beijing. Avoid visiting Beijing during the week-long holiday (October 01 – 07 ).

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How to Visit Beijing in October
Beijing October Realtime Weather Photos

Public Holiday

National Day (October 1)
It is the most important day for marking the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Employees will enjoy a 3-day paid day-off. Various  celebration activities will be taken. The official paid day off for the National Day is 3 days. But Chinese government makes it a 7 day holiday by moving the prior weekend and the upcoming one together with these 3 days. This is the Chinese government’s “holiday economy” policy. Avoid visiting Beijing and China during the week-long holiday.

Annual Events and Festivals

1. The Chinese Men’s Health Day 中国男性健康日
The Chinese Men’s Health Day falls 28 October which was inaugurated in the year 2008.  A variety of activities will be carried  in cities across China to mark the special occasion. 

2. Cold Dew on Oct 8 寒露
One of the 24 solar terms in China, White Dew,  is the 15th solar term of the year, staring this year on Oct 08. White Dew singals the real beginning of cool autumn.

3.  Double Ninth Festival 重阳节
Also known as the Chongyang Festival, it takes place every year between October 1 and October 30 on the 9thday of the 9th lunar month; it falls on October 14 this year. it is a traditional folk holiday focused on good health and longlife, with various festivities.

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Escorted Beijing tour in Autumn

Don’t want to go the do-it-yourself tour? No worries, here are some options for guided tours to Beijing for your autumn trip.

Beijing Autumn Tour
Beijing Highlight Day Tour from US$59 P/P
(Tiananmen + Forbidden City + Mutianyu Great Wall)
Beijing Classic City Tour from US$65 P/P
(Tiananmen + Forbidden City + Temple of Heaven + Summer Palace)
Beijing Excursion Tour from US$59 P/P
(Mutianyu Great Wall + Ming Tomb)
Beijing Hutong Highlight Tour from US$59 P/P
( Hutong + Rickshaw)

Mutianyu Great Wall Half Day Tour from US$55 p/p
Hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour from US$69 p/p

Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour from US$65 p/p
Beijing Highlight Layover Tour from US$75 p/p

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