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How to go to Hohhot from Beijing

Friday, June 20th, 2014
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Plan your Inner Mongolia tour from  Beijing?  Basically Hohhot,  capital city of Inner Mongolia, very often is your springboard to jump onto the grassland in the exotic province, escaping the heat and bustle and hustle of Beijing.  Hohhot itself is worth your 1-2 day exploration with its unique historical sites and a large Hui Muslim community.

Hohhot is about 500 km northwest of Beijing, 8-10 hour by train,  one hour by flight and 6  and half  hours by road. So basically you have three choices of transportation tools going from Beijing to Hohhot and vice versa.

Which one to choose depends on your preference, your time, budget and the availability of these transportation tools at the time when you start your journey. Now let’s go one by one in terms of the ways of travel from Beijing to Hohhot.

Go to Hohhot from Beijing

Go to Hohhot from Beijing

Beijing Hohhot By Train 
Currently there are 16 daily trains, either direct or passing by trains, going between Beijing and Hohhot. Some trains leave from Beijing West Railway Station and others  start from Beijing Railway Station. You should understand which train station you will use.

Among the 16 daily trains, there are only three trains which start from Beijing and ends at Hohhot. The rest of the trains  are just passing by trains with stops at Hohhot or Beijing.  These three trains are most sought after by those who want to take a train trip from Beijing to Hohhot since  the train tickets are comparatively easier to obtain and manage.

All the three through trains going between Beijing and Hohhot start from Beijing West Railway Station and arrive at Hohhot East Railway Station or Hohhot Railway Station.

Beijing West Railway Station – Hohhot East Railway Station
K617 ( 10:40 – 19:10 )

Beijing West Railway Station – Hohhot  Railway Station
T315 ( 15:29 – 21:53 )

Beijing West Railway Station – Hohhot  Railway Station
K89 ( 22:15- next day 7:10 am)

Train tickets: RMB240 ( soft sleepers) ; RMB 132 ( hard sleepers)

For most travelers, K89 is the best choice of experiencing Chinese train ride,  saving  and money by staying overnight on train. K89 is difficult to get during the tourist high season from June to October. So it is preferable to book your train tickets well in advance.

Beijing Hohhot by Road
Hohhot can be easily reached by road along the G7 National Highway. You may drive directly from Beijing by your private vehicle or take a long distance bus. Definitely, self-drive would be faster taking 6-7 hours from Beijing to Hohhot while  a long-distance bus will take you 8 or 11 hours.

There are daily 6 buses starting from Beijing Liuliqiao Long-Distance Bus Station to Hohhot. The buses are scheduled at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 12:30  and 14:30 and bus fare around RMB 149.

 Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station 六里桥客运站
Add: Jia 19, Liuliqiao Nanli, Fengtai District 丰台区六里桥南里甲19号
How to get there: Take public buses like Te2, Te7, Te 8 (inner loop), 201, 205…
Destinations: Datong.  Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Hunyuan,Yingxian, Changzhi,  Wuxi, Hefei…

Beijing – Hohhot by Flight
Approx. 10 daily flights run between Beijing and Hohhot and most of the flights are operated by Air China.  One flight is run by Beijing Capital Airlines (a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines). One flight is operated by China United Airline that uses Beijing Nanyuan Airport as its home airport. 

The flight normally takes about one hour and 10 minutes. The Beijing and Hohhot flights are mainly focused on afternoon or evening flights.Taking a flight from Beijing to Hohhot, especially an evening flight is often chosen since it won’t affect your daytime trip in Beijing. Air Fare: RMB 550 ( full rate ).Related Hohhot Travel Articles

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