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Beijing Car washing: Beijing Car Washing Prices and Tips

Monday, November 19th, 2018
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At the time of my writing, it is reported that the city of Beijing has more than 1,300 legitimate car wash and valet services. The number of illegal car wash services even exceeds the number of registered car wash and valet services.

The most serious problem is some people in the car wash trade use the water from the rivers and the private water resources for manual car wash car. This is an illegal car washing activity in Beijing.

Beijing is a dry and dusty city. Keeping your vehicle cleaned and properly waxed is the most important way in preventing it from prematurely losing its luster from the dirt, salt, and contaminants caused by Beijing weather conditions.

Most of the car washes offer manual car wash with simple equipment popular in most of the communities in Beijing. Almost all the workers in the manual car washes are from the countryside with little car wash skill and technology.

Automatic car washes are often found in the office building areas, which are more expensive than manual car washes. Most of the car washes in the City just rush you through. Finding a good car wash in Beijing can be a bit of a chore.

Tips for Manual Car Wash in Beijing 

1. Manual Car wash price: RMB 30 – 50 P/P ( Being a member, you enjoy some discounts)
2. Not advised to become a member because the owners of the manual car washes are changeable!
3. Keep an eye on their washing
4. Normal manual car wash includes water and soap sprayed, cleaning, drying, interior vacuüm and cleaning, mat cleaning, and
   wheel rim shining.
5. If you find your local car wash cutting corners, you should go to a professional who cares.

A Car wash in my Huashi Community of Chongwen, Dongcheng District, Beijijng

Car being soap sprayed


Car being dried and cleaned


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