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My First Day on Mount Huangshan (1)

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023
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This morning, at 8:00am, we left Yungu Hotel in the valley at the foot Mount Huangshan and had a 5-minute walk to Yungu Telpher Station. Actually there are two cable stations in Yungu. We took the new telpher station and began our first day trip to Huangshan.

It only took 10 minutes to get to the White Goose Telpher Station on the top of White Goose Ridge of Huangshan Mountain.

Yungu Telpher New Station
Walking up to the cable car
Get on the cable car
One the way to the White Goose Telpher Station on the mountain
White Goose Telpher Station

 0.8km Pleasant Walk from White Goose Telpher Station to Stalagmite Peak

We got off the cable car at White Goose Telpher Station and walk along the White Goose Ridge towards Stalagmite Peak, the first peak on our Huangshan Trip.

From the cable car station to the Stalagmite Peak is 0.8 km. It is a pleasant walk teemed with amazing views of pine trees, colourful leaves and various peaks with comfortable temperature under azure sky.

One the way to the Stalagmite Peak
On the way to the Stalagmite Peak (2)
On the way to the Stalagmite Peak
Phenix' tail - still on the way to the Stalagmite Peak

Stalagmite Peak ( Stone Bamboo Peak )

Not long, we got to the Stalagmite Peak. An narrow platform on the stone bamboo peak was filled with tourists taking pictures. Stalagmite Peak is one of the best photographic point of Mountain Huangshan.

The Stalagmite Peak
Stalagmite Peak is one of the best photographic point of Moutain Huangshan

0.2km walk from Stalagmite Peak to Beginning-to-Believe-Peak

This 20-minute walk was a little difficult than that of from the White Goose Telpher Station to Stalagmite Peak. The mountain road was a bit steep.

On the way, you can still enjoy the different views of pine trees and unknown peaks.

Climb steps up to the Beginning-to-believe Peak
The view on the way to the Biginning-to-believe Peak


One of the best photographic places in Mountain Huangshan, a don’t-miss attractions for each Huangshan Mountain tourist. Today we were lucky enough to have seen the sea of cloud below the peak. The view was astounding!

Standing on the Beginning-to-believe Peak to enjoy the sea of clouds
Sea of Clouds and Peaks viewed from the Beginning-to-believe Peak

1km Walk from Beginning-to-Believe Peak to A Flower on Brush Tip

After enjoying the fantastic view of Beginning-to-Believe Peak, we walked 1 km towards to another famous attraction – A Flower on the Tip of a Brush Pen. This 1km walk was also quite interesting. Especially you could see some unique pine trees.

One of the pine trees is called “Umbrella Pine” named by Secretary of United Nations – Mr.Kofi Anna and his wife Nane Anna when they paid a visit to Huangshan on May 20-21,2006.

A Flower on Brush Tip

The “A Flower on Brush Tip” is one of the 36 small peaks in Huangshan Mountain. The Brush Peak is 1640 in altitude consisting of the Brush Peak and a pine tree on its top.

The peak body is like a shaft of a brush. On its top stands a pine tree like a booming flower.

A Platform to view the Brush Peak
A Flower on the Brush Tip

Beihai Hotel

Waking just over 100 meters from the Brush Peak, we arrived at our hotel for our first night on our Huangshan Tour of this time. It is a 4 star hotel with over 500 rooms.

In front of Beihai Hotel, there is a row of rooms which accommodate Post, China Mobile, Bank and Police Station.

Beihai Hotel
Beihai Hotel
Hotel Corridor
King-sized Room at Beihai Hotel
Washing Room
Winter Jackets are provided for each room

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