Top 10 Farmhouses on the outskirts of Beijing – Farm Houses in Beijing

Plan your Beijing excursions? .  We have rounded up top 10 unique farmhouses in the suburbs of Beijing for you to get some fresh air and feel the breath of nature.

1. Hubin Nongjia Villa (滨湖农家山庄 – 密云水库)
“Hubin Nongjia Villa” literally means “Lakeside Farmhouse Villa”. It is located by the Miyun Reservoir. It offers affordable and farmhouse food. delicious, and has won numerous awards:
1) “Mussels stewed with tofu” is known as the first fresh Miyun Dish, one of the top 10 golden dishes in the suburbs of Beijing;
2) “Chestnuts and Peas Wotou” was rewarded during the first farm snack comptition in Miyun County;
3) Miss Ye Xiang Qu, the owner was awarded the “women’s chef”;
4) In two consecutive years 06 and 07, it worked as the appointed resturant for “King Fish Food Festival”
How to get there:
By car: take the North Fourth Ring Road, then Jingcheng Expressway, get off at the last exit of Miyun, get to the Hubin Nongjia Villa in 10 minutes.
Bus: Dongzhimen bus station to Miyun Bus 980, then take the bus 12 and exit at the last stop –  Yunhu Resort.
Tel: 86613766
Hubin Nongjia Villa (
2. Gucheng Renjia Farmhouse (古城人家 -密云水库)
“Gucheng Renjia” literally means “People in the old town”. It is located in the west of Miyun Reservoir with fresh air, beautiful scenery and convenient transport. There are perfect restaurant facilities and a variety of standard rooms. It also aims at creating the set of farm tours, folk travel, car travel, self-picking amd many more suburb activities in Beijing.  
How to get there:
By car: Jingshun – Shunyi – Huairou – Miyun – Stone Town – Tong Road Village
Bus: 987 or 980 Dongzhimen to Miyun, then arrange the farmhouse to pick you up at the appointed place.
Tel: 010-61025356 13910322688
Gucheng Renjia Farmhouse (
3. Tanji Farmhouse at Fenghuangling (凤凰岭谭记农家院)
“Tanji Farmhouse at Fenghuangling” means “Tan’s farmhouse in Phoenix Ridge”. Tanji Farmhouse is located in Cheerying Village, Fenghualing, Haidian District, Beijing. Tanji Farmhiuse is composed of accommodation, entertainment and leisure travel. Simple and elegant design, newly renovated room clean and tidy, though not luxurious, a good place to relax. Tanji Farm House can be an outing of spring, summer, offering delicious affordable meals.
How to get there:
By car:
Get off at Beianhe Exit from the Badaling Expressway → turn right at the end of Beiqinglu→ → pass Haidian Driving School and  turn left at the sign of the Cheerying Folk Village.
By Bus:
1) Take the Summer Palace Bus 346 Station Road → get of at Phoenix Ridge, the call the host 
2) Take The Summer Palace Bus 346 → Get off at Niege Village , then take a taxo or call the host
Tel: 010-62487513      13161032570     13146160021     13716959973  
Tanji Farmhouse at Fenghuangling (
4. Lao Li’ Inn (黄花城水长城农家院老李客栈) at Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Lao Li or old Lee’ farmhouse is located just under the famous Great Wall Scenic Area –  Huanghuacheng water Great wall in Huairou District in Beijing. They have built a large fishing pond, and accompanied by shady trees, bridges, natural landscape. LaolI’s Inn often receive overseas visitors. It is the good choice for your mountain climbing, the Great Wall hiking. The farm house is clean and tidy, fully equipped.
How to get there:
Get off at Miaocheng Exit from 101 National Road, or from Jingcheng Chengde Expressway – Qiaozi direction – Sihai (四海) – Huanghuacheng reservoir to find the Laoli Farmhouse.
Tel: 010-61651211     13693514508
Lao Li’ Inn (
5. Yicaihong Farmhouse (溢彩宏农家院 – 怀柔虹鳟鱼一条沟)
Yicaihong Farm House is located in the source of the trout pond in Huairou District, Beijing. It is under the Mutianyu Grat Wall and faces south to the Yanxi Lake, Shentangyu Valley, and Hongluo Scenic Area.  The cold spring pond water is rich in minerals with no pollution. It is very suitable for raising rainbow trout, golden trout, salmon, sturgeon and other cold-water fish. Local farmers rely on the rich landscape and fish resources for visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature, a good opportunity to taste delicious local food, which has been warmly welcome by the urban people.
How to get there:
By car: Get off at Huairou Exit from Jingcheng Expressway – Huairou downtown – Yanqi roundabou – go straight passing Shentangyu;
By bus: Take Bus 916 at Dongzhimen for Huairou, then interchange for a mini bus for Lotus Pond.
Tel: 01061629351 13716736900 13501257679
6. Huyang Farmhouse (胡杨农庄 – 怀柔青龙峡)
Huyang Farmhouse is located Dashuiyu Village, 500 meters south of Huairou Qinglong Scenic Area of Huairou District in Beijing, covering about 1,000 square meters, which can accommodate about 50 people. It has a farm pond on the first floor, the pavilion, Tukang, standard room rooms with private bathroom and air-conditioning, color TV. The second floor is an open-air restaurant, a good place for summertime. It offers natural, pollution-free green food, authentic farmhouse coarse grains, edible wild herbs and authentic local chicken and other farm specialties.
How to get there:
By car: Siyuan Bridge> Huairou> Yanqi> Qinglong Scenic Area > Dashuiyu Village
Bus: Take Dongzhimen Bus 936 (about 20 minutes) and get off directly to the Qinglong Scenic Area, then walk to Dashuiyu Village
Huyang Farmhouse (
7. Beijing Shuntong Leisure Resort ( 北京顺通休闲度假中心 – 箭扣长城)
Beijing Shuntong Leisure Resort is located in the north of Tianxianyu Village of Bohai Town in Huairou District of Beijing, under the famous Mutianyu Great Wall. It is surrounded by Foshan Mountains, lying in the embrace of a natural green forest and wild orchards. On the top is the famous Jiankou Great Wall, below is the the crystal and clear spring water. The resort boasts of unique geographical environment and a steady stream of clean spring. In 1983, the Shuntong Trout Breeding Center was established, one of the earliest rainbow trout breeding centers in Beijin. In 1997, the Shuntong Leisure Reort was founded.
How to get there:
By bus:
Dongzhimen Bus 916 –  get off at the Huairou International Conference Center – take a taxi (RMB30) the farm house
Tel: 010-61626088 61626347
Beijing Shuntong Leisure Resort (
8. Longjuge Farmhouse (龙聚阁农家院 – 延庆龙庆峡)
Longjuge Farmhouse is located in theJingshilong Ski Resort area in Yanqing District of Beijing. Longjuge Farmhouse offers eating, accommodation, spa bath, karaoke OK as a whole. Whether you are going just to take a break or stay overnight here, it is your perfect choice for your travel due to its beautiful environment, quality of service. The farmhouse uses the spa for bathing and the spa is taken from 2,000 meters underground spring water.
How to get there:
Bus: Take Deshengmen 919 to Yanqin, then change for 920 and get off at the ski resort, than call the host 
By car: Beijing Badaling Highway and get off at Yanqing toll gate, then continue to drive in the direction of the Zhangjiakou, along 110 National Road for 13 km, then you will see the signs of the farmhouse.
Longjuge Farmhouse (
9. Zhengjia Courtyard (郑家大院 – 平谷京东大峡谷)
Zhengjia Courtyard is located in 245, Yuzishan Village in the Jingdong Grand Canyon Scenic Area of Pinggu District of Beijing, only 200 meters away from the scenic area. Jingdong Grand Canyon area was established 1992, the farmhouse was established in 1995. It has been growing along with the scenic area. It is one of the earliest popular tourist reception households in Pinggu District. Up to now, it has received a total of eighty thousand tourists and praised by the majority of tourists.
How to get there:
Bus: 918 Dongzhimen tourist buses a day, start as early as 7:30;  Dongdaqiao tourist bus No 14 and Chongwenmen tourist bus No. 111, start at 7:30 every morning
By car: Sanyuanqiao – Kuliushu Roundabout – east to the city along the road marked Pinggu – Jingdong Grand Canyon Village.
Tel: 13621072056    13439163129       010-60968180
Zhengjia Courtyard (

10. Tongfuju Farmhouse (同福居农家四合院 – 十渡)

The courtyard type farm house – Tongfuju Farm House is located in Shidu area of Fangshan District in Beijing. The farmhouse is a typical old Beijing courtyard. Indoor, you can hear water gurgling, raise your head to see the building full of longevity and prosperity. The owner loves calligraphy, and he is the football celebrities. Welcome those who have a common interest for a short visit and have a cup of tea in the beautiful water and mountains in Shidu.
How to get there:
Bus: Take bus 917 from Tianqiao 6 am – 5 pm
By car: Liuliqiao -Shijiazhuang Expressway – Liulihe  – Hancunhe – Yunju Si – Shidu
Tel: 010-61347098     15801394118    15311065968
Tongfuju Courtyard Farmhouse


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