Ticket inquiries

1, due to weather, airlines, railway departments and emergencies and other reasons, may affect passengers boarding or riding. Please confirm the transfer distance and transit time so as to confirm the appropriate flight and train number.

2, due to the reasons of the airlines, railway or force majeure, the loss caused by passengers' journey is within the force majeure factor. Please pay attention to the weather and traffic information in time.

3, in case of train ticket system failure, we will cancel the order and refund the ticket automatically.

explanation of insurance products

1, insurance liability: air accident injury 3 million 200 thousand yuan / section, means the insured takes the passenger capacity as the passenger plane of an electronic policy, and abide by the carrier's regulations on safe ride, hold the valid ticket and enter the passenger cabin on the passenger plane, from the terminal of the passenger plane to the terminal of the ticket to leave the passenger plane on the passenger plane. Insurance liability caused by accidental injury during cabin period

2, insurance: 30 yuan / section

3, insurance period: means the insured person enters the passenger compartment of the passenger plane and arrives at the destination at the end of the ticket, leaving the passenger aircraft cabin.

4, sales restrictions: purchase limit of 1 copies, scheduled to take off before the time of refund can be refunded.

5, electronic policy: it can be searched and downloaded on the insurance details page of our corresponding order or on the insurance company website. The data message is a legal form of contract. The electronic policy and the paper insurance have the same legal effect. Please keep it properly.

6. Reimbursement Voucher: provide insurance quota invoice as reimbursement voucher.

7, this product is insured by Limited by Share Ltd, an online property insurance Limited by Share Ltd. The sales service of the insurance products is the Chongqing branch of Shenzhen Zhongcheng Thai Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

claim explanation

Please consult the insurance company's customer service hotline:10109955