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Lonely Planet's top 10 cities to visit in 2020


Katia Hetter, CNN • Updated 22nd October 2019  CNN Katia Hetter • 2019年10月22日更新

(CNN) — It's the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the prewar home of the family that inspired "The Sound of Music."

这里是沃尔夫冈·阿玛多伊斯·莫扎特(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart的出生地,也是战前激发《音乐之声》灵感的家庭所在地。

And if that wasn't reason enough to visit, next year it's the centennial anniversary of the world-famous Salzburg Festival, an annual summer celebration with music, theater and cultural events taking place across the city.

如果这还不足以成为参观萨尔茨堡的理由,那么明年就是举世闻名的萨尔茨堡艺术节(Salzburg Festival)的100周年纪念日了。萨尔茨堡艺术节是每年夏季举行的庆祝活动,音乐、戏剧和文化活动将在全市范围内举行。

Salzburg, Austria, has just been named Lonely Planet's top city to visit in 2020.


An example of an ecclesiastical city-state, the city's historic center was ideally located between Northern and Southern Europe. The result is an intact Baroque town where the mixing of Italian and German cultures is evident on a stroll through this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Why visit these cities? 为什么要参观这些城市?

Salzburg is known for Mozart and 'The Sound of Music.

Salzburg is known for Mozart and 'The Sound of Music.'

Education Images/UIG/Getty Images


教育图片/ UIG /盖蒂图片社提供图片

This year's top 10 travel list, like its predecessors, is a happy mix of well-known spots and hidden gems: popular cities already getting attention for their attractions and events; lesser known towns worthy of your attention or a second look; and wonderful places to visit that need our help.


For the 15th annual list, Lonely Planet editors asked its staffers and hundreds of contributors from around the world for nominations. They picked 10 cities, regions, countries and value destinations to recommend for its Best in Travel 2020 lists.


"These are the places to experience in 2020," says Tom Hall, Lonely Planet's vice president of experience. "This year our Best in Travel list puts particular emphasis on the best sustainable experiences around the world, ensuring travelers will have a positive impact wherever they choose to go."

“这些是2020年值得体验的地方,”《孤独星球》体验副总裁汤姆·霍尔(Tom Hall)说。“今年我们的最佳旅行名单特别强调全球最佳可持续体验,确保旅行者无论选择去哪里都会产生积极影响。”

Those places include second place Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States; third place Cairo, Egypt; fourth place Galway, Ireland; and fifth place Bonn, Germany.


Election year 选举年


LIke so many things in Washington, DC, the Lincoln Memorial and its reflecting pool are free to visitors.

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images


亚历克斯Wroblewski /盖蒂图片社提供图片。

The spotlight will be on Washington, D.C., in a presidential election year and with the centennial anniversary of the US Constitution's 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. (Mostly white women benefited from the amendment until the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.)


Washington could be on this list every year, says Hall, because of the sheer volume of free activities, including all Smithsonian museums in the city, and the constant trend of reinvention.


The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts just expanded with The Reach, a new campus at the center, while The Wharf opens the waterfront along the Potomac River to residents and visitors alike. (Rent a kayak to paddle by some of the city's famous monuments.)

肯尼迪表演艺术中心(John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts)刚刚扩建了位于中心的新校区Reach,同时码头向居民和游客开放了波托马克河沿岸的滨水区。(租一艘独木舟,在市内一些著名的纪念碑旁划过去。)

Ancient wonders in a new home 新家园的古老奇观


Egypt's ancient treasures will have a $1 billion home when its grand museum opens in 2020.

Mohamed-El-Shahed/AFP/Getty Images


Mohamed-El-Shahed /法新社/盖蒂图片社提供图片。

When the Grand Egyptian Museum opens next year at Giza, just outside Cairo, it will be the largest museum in the world -- at 5.2 million square feet -- devoted to a single civilization.

明年,大埃及博物馆(Grand Egyptian Museum)将在开罗郊外的吉萨(Giza)开幕,届时它将成为世界上最大的博物馆,占地520万平方英尺,专门展示一种单一的文明。

The $1 billion project will include treasures from the crowded Egyptian Museum in central Cairo's Tahrir Square, but with much more space and 17 labs devoted to rescuing and restoring centuries of Egypt's relics -- all with views of the Great Pyramids.

这个耗资10亿美元的项目将包括开罗市中心塔利尔(解放)广场(Tahrir Square)上拥挤的埃及博物馆(Egyptian Museum)里的珍宝,但会有更大的空间和17个实验室,专门用于抢救和修复数百年的埃及文物——所有这些地方都能看到大金字塔。

And Cairo, which is so enormous and chaotic and noisy, is worth exploring, says Hall. "It's so in your face that you can't miss the feeling of excitement of being there," he says.


In this city with a UNESCO-endorsed historic center, Hall loves exploring the thriving food scene in Cairo, as well as the Museum of Islamic Art, Coptic Christian sites and the Tentmakers Bazaar (Souk Al Khayamiya).

在这个有着联合国教科文组织认可的历史中心的城市里,霍尔喜欢探索开罗繁荣的美食景观,以及伊斯兰艺术博物馆、科普特基督教遗址和帐篷集市(Souk Al Khayamiya)。

An Irish capital of culture 爱尔兰的文化之都




教育图片/ UIG /盖蒂图片社提供照片。

A European Capital of Culture for 2020, Galway is Hall's choice as Ireland's most engaging city. While other Irish cities will argue with him, he says its live music, energy and residents' general enjoyment of life stands out.


The new year will bring a wonderful arts program to celebrate its designation, and "Galway will put on a great show," says Hall.


While the city will host much of the events throughout the year, villages and islands off the west coast will also hold events. They will be based on the country's ancient Celtic calendar and its four fire seasons, which are Imbloc, Bealtaine, Lughnasa and Samhain.


Need a bit of nature? County Galway's stunning countryside is worth exploring, too.

需要一点自然? 高威郡令人惊叹的乡村也值得探索。

An ex-capital city gets hip 前首都城市变得时髦


Bonn will celebrate the 250th birthday of its favorite son, Beethoven, next year.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images



The capital of West Germany before German reunification in 1990, Bonn slipped off the radar a bit when it wasn't the capital anymore.


But Bonn always been the birthplace of favorite son Ludwig van Beethoven, and his 250th birthday will be celebrated all year long in 2020.


Now a city packed with craft beer, cafes and galleries, Bonn will be filled with a year's worth of concerts as local musicians open their doors to the public and the city celebrates the arts.


Lonely Planet's top 10 cities孤独星球十大最佳旅游城市排行

 1. Salzburg, Austria 1.奥地利萨尔茨堡

2. Washington, D.C., United States 2.美国华盛顿特区

3. Cairo, Egypt 3.埃及开罗

4. Galway, Ireland 4.爱尔兰戈尔韦

5. Bonn, Germany 5.德国波恩

6. La Paz, Bolivia 6. 玻利维亚拉巴斯

7. Kochi, India 7.印度高知

8. Vancouver, Canada 8. 温哥华,加拿大

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 9.阿拉伯联合酋长国迪拜

10. Denver, United States 10.美国丹佛

To learn more about Lonely Planet's picks for 2020, go to lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel.

要了解有关《孤独星球》 2020年精选的更多信息,请访问lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel。


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