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World's best cities for people who love to shop


Lola Mendez, CNN • Published 27th September 2019罗拉·门德斯,CNN·2019年9月27日报道

(CNN) — Some travel the globe in search of historic locales, to eat and drink the local cuisine, or to kick back on a beautiful beach. Others are motivated by shopping for stylish goods.


Whether you're looking for the most exclusive designer duds, bargain opportunities, vintage retailers or market stalls, these are some of the best cities in the world to visit for a shopping spree.



Milan's shopping is world-class and famous; shopping fiends will delight in the designer options.

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Many of fashion's most famous design houses are Italian: Gucci, Prada and Versace. These luxury brands all have flagship stores in Milan, the legendary fashion capital of Italy. As the Italian hub for the fashion industry, the street style in Milan is forever glamorous.

许多时尚界最著名的设计公司都是意大利的:古驰 (Gucci)、普拉达(Prada)和范思哲(Versace)。这些奢侈品牌都在意大利传奇时尚之都米兰拥有旗舰店。作为意大利时尚产业的中心,米兰的街头风格永远魅力四射。

One of the most expensive shopping experiences is the world-renowned Quadrilatero d'Oro, meaning golden neighborhood. The area is full of jewelers and fashion boutiques and is considered one of the most important fashion districts on Earth. Swipe your black card and take home the latest and greatest it-bag. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is Italy's oldest active mall and another great place for cool fashion finds.

最昂贵的购物体验之一是世界著名的Quadrilatero d’oro,即黄金社区。这里到处是珠宝店和时尚精品店,被认为是地球上最重要的时尚区之一。刷你的黑卡,刷黑卡(黑卡 花旗银行名为“ultima”的黑色信用卡以及美国运通公司在1999年推出了名为“centurion”的黑色信用卡,被业内人士称为“卡中之王”。)把最新最好的必不可少的包包带回家。维托里奥·埃马努埃莱二世拱廊(Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II)是意大利最古老活跃的购物中心,也是寻找时尚潮流的好地方。

Italy is also known for high-quality leather goods and cashmere. Purchase directly from local purveyors in Milan to get the best price on luxury items that would cost a small fortune at home. Zani Del Fra' makes personalized fine leather bags in an array of lush colors.

意大利还以高质量的皮革制品和羊绒制品而闻名。直接从米兰当地的经销商那里购买奢侈品,以获得比国内花费很少的价格。扎尼·德尔弗拉省(Zani Del Fra)’生产个性化的精美皮包,颜色丰富多彩。

But it's not all high-end, break-the-bank shopping; bargain hunters love Milan for its array of second-hand shops that sell the elites' outcasts at a fraction of the original ticket price. The sale racks at Il Salvagente, which means the lifesaver, always have treasures waiting to be found. Milan's longest-established outlet has three floors of discounted goods conveniently organized by size and color.

但也不全是高端的倾家荡产式购物;喜欢买便宜货的人喜欢米兰,因为那里有许多二手商店,以原价的零头出售那些被精英阶层们的“弃儿”。在Il Salvagente折扣店的货架上,总是有很多宝贝等着被发现。米兰历史最悠久的商店有三层楼的打折商品,按大小和颜色分类很方便。

Dubai 迪拜

The world-famous Dubai Mall is the world's second-largest mall in total area with more than 1,000 retailers.

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Dubai is on the map as one of the world's top shopping destinations. The quantity of upscale shops in Dubai is staggering -- there are more than 100 malls in the city. The destination has become synonymous with shopping and earned the city the nickname of "Do Buy."


Emerging local brands such as Bouguessa, Mochi and Amato have set up shops in the Dubai Design District, hoping to lure locals and tourists.


In the city's traditional souks or bazaars, you can find spices, carpets, scarves and more.


And, of course, there's no discussing Dubai without talking about the world-famous Dubai Mall, a bucket-list destination for many shoppers. The world's second-largest mall in total square footage, with more than 1,000 retailers, you'll need a map to navigate it. Keep an eye out for the dinosaur, waterfall, dancing fountains, Olympic-sized ice rink, aquarium, indoor souk and numerous malls within the mall, such as the French Galeries Lafayette and the first Bloomingdale's outside the United States.

当然,谈到迪拜,不能不提到世界闻名的迪拜购物中心(Dubai Mall),它是许多购物者的必去之地。总平方英尺数是全球第二大购物中心,拥有1000多家零售商,你需要一张地图来导航。请留意恐龙、瀑布、舞蹈喷泉、奥林匹克规模的溜冰场、水族馆、室内露天市场和商场内的众多购物中心,如法国老佛爷百货和美国以外的第一家布鲁明戴尔百货商店。

The best part? Anything you purchase from the Dubai Mall will be delivered to your hotel. If you prefer to hit the slopes between credit card swipes, then you'll want to head over to the Mall of the Emirates, which has the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.



Parisian department stores are the premier shopping destinations for your next splurge.



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Paris can make you want to ditch your entire wardrobe and start fresh with outfits that embody the irresistible French girl mystique. Fashionistas would do well to start with the Parisian department stores -- premier shopping destinations for that next splurge.


The historic Le Bon Marché dates to the 1850s and is considered one of the first modern department stores. Another impressive one is Printemps Haussmann, which houses the world's largest beauty department. It's a great excuse to buy a new lipstick.

历史悠久的的Le Bon Marche可以追溯到1850年代,被认为是最早的现代百货商店之一。另一个令人印象深刻的是Printemps Haussmann,它拥有世界上最大的美容部门。这是一个买新口红的很好的借口。

Foreign tourists especially seem drawn to the city's seven-story art nouveau Galeries Lafayette.

外国游客特别喜欢这座城市的七层新艺术风格老佛爷百货公司(art nouveau Galeries Lafayette)。

For a modern Parisian shopping experience, browse the goods at Merci. The beloved concept shop has museum-like vibes with a whimsical curated collection of coveted designer goods, a secondhand bookshop, florist and café.


Of course, the spendier Paris shoppers will always be drawn to the high-end boutiques on the Champs-Élysées. If money is no issue, you can even visit a private atelier and have something custom-made.


Budget-conscious travelers ought to check out the French city's legendary flea markets, where designer goods can be found at bargain prices. While you can haggle with the vendors, it isn't encouraged.



Local boutiques in Seoul sell the latest trends -- the goods are cheap and chic but don't expect quality or ethical manufacturing.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images


钟Sung-Jun /盖蒂图片社

Seoul is high on the shopping-motivated travel bucket list for beauty aficionados and affordable modern clothing styles.


It's easier than ever to shop in the city, and you don't have to worry about having cash on hand, as the Bank of Korea is moving toward being cashless by 2020.

在城市购物比以往任何时候都容易,而且你不必担心手头有现金,因为韩国央行(Bank of Korea)正努力在2020年实现无现金化。

Luxury shoppers will find all their favorite high-end brands and department stores in the city and even at Incheon Airport, which is home to the debut Louis Vuitton airport duty-free store. Local boutiques sell the latest trends -- the goods are cheap and chic, but don't expect quality manufacturing. This is fast fashion at its finest.


Head to Doota Mall for late-night shopping and the Myeongdong District for K-beauty. Stroll through the Seoul Folk Flea Market and Nam Dae Mun Market to search for traditional crafts and souvenirs.

深夜去杜塔商场(Doota Mall)购物,去明洞区(Myeongdong District)进行K美容。逛首尔民间跳蚤市场和南大门市场,寻找传统工艺品和纪念品。


Harrods, Europe's largest department store, is iconic, and a visit here is a must for anyone passing through London.



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London is synonymous with world-class shopping but depending on the exchange rate, London prices are known to cause sticker shock. Nearly every international brand is in the city, from big-name retailers and contemporary brands to fast-fashion chains. Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street in Europe. Budget shoppers will rejoice at the offerings at designer consignment shops, finding steals to take home.


Department store Liberty is a shopping center dedicated to all sorts of things covered in dainty flowers.


The shopping destination has a picturesque Tudor-style exterior and is stocked with contemporary clothing, in-house designer stationery, unique kitchen accessories and more. Other iconic department stores include Harrods and Selfridges. It's a rite of passage for men to obtain a bespoke suit from Savile Row.

购物目的地有一个风景如画的都铎风格的外观,并配有当代服装,室内设计师文具,独特的厨房配件和更多。其他标志性的百货商店包括哈罗德百货公司和塞尔福里奇百货公司。对男人来说,从萨维尔街(Savile Row)买一套定制西装是人生必经之路。

The neighborhoods of Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Mayfair offer high-end retailers. London's known for its markets of specialized goods: shop for the latest fashion trends atDover Street Market, antiques on Portobello Road and an assortment of hip goods and international trinkets in Camden Market.

骑士桥(Knightsbridge)、切尔西(Chelsea)和梅菲尔(Mayfair)的社区提供高端零售商。伦敦以其专业商品市场而闻名:多佛街市场(dover Street Market)、波多贝罗路(Portobello Road)上的古董、卡姆登市场(Camden Market)上的各种时尚商品和国际小饰品,都能买到最新的时尚潮流。

Singapore 新加坡

Singapore boasts the ultimate shopping experience as it's bursting with elegant malls, shopping centers full of shops with modern clothes with tasteful Asian touches and traditional night markets.

Courtesy Singapore Tourism Board



The shopping scene in Singapore is a combination of high-end retailers, affordable local and international fast-fashion brands and a steady calendar of sales for holidays year-round. The major city boasts the ultimate shopping experience as it's bursting with elegant malls; shopping centers full of shops carrying modern attire with tasteful Asian touches; and traditional night markets that sell everything from cheap clothes to Peranakan-style ceramics.


The Singapore shopping scene includes heritage brands with time-honored Asian tailoring and flourishing local emerging designers. Head to Orchard Road for international flagship stores from some of the world's biggest luxury brands including Hermès, Cartier, Omega, as well as TANGS, one of Singapore's oldest department stores.

新加坡的购物场所包括历史悠久的亚洲裁缝品牌和蓬勃发展的本土新兴设计师。前往乌节路(Orchard Road),你会看到世界上一些最大的奢侈品牌的国际旗舰店,包括爱马仕(Hermes)、卡地亚(Cartier)、欧米茄(Omega),以及新加坡历史最悠久的百货公司之一唐氏(TANGS)。

For a unique shopping experience, visit the 24-hour open-air markets of Little India, where everything from spices to gold jewelry is on sale.


Also unique is vintage store shopping (one man's trash, another man's treasure), best realized in the hip neighborhood of Tiong Bahru. Look for vintage records, home furnishings, dresses and other gently used odds and ends.

古董商店购物(一个人的垃圾,另一个人的宝藏)也很独特,最好是在Tiong Bahru的时尚街区实现。寻找古董唱片、家居用品、连衣裙和其他一些用得不太好的零碎物品。

Not to worry if you end up spending most of your time in the delicious city eating your way through the hawker markets: There's always the duty-free shopping at Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport. If you're looking to snag a deal as you exit the country, you won't want to miss this shopping mecca, home to global brands, souvenirs and the world's largest indoor waterfall.

如果你把大部分时间都花在了这个美味的城市,在小贩市场里吃东西,也不用担心:新加坡珍宝樟宜机场(Jewel Changi Airport)总有免税商店。如果你打算在出境时签下一笔交易,你一定不想错过这个购物圣地,这里有全球品牌、纪念品和世界上最大的室内瀑布。

New York纽约

Hudson Yards is a seven-story retail space with more than 100 high-end shops from around the globe, along with New York's debut Neiman Marcus department store.

Clint Spaulding/Getty Images

哈德逊广场(Hudson Yards)是一个七层楼高的零售场所,有来自全球各地的100多家高档商店,还有纽约的首家内曼•马库斯百货公司(Neiman Marcus)。


Serious shoppers know New York is one of the world's preeminent shopping meccas. While New Yorkers may be known for their all-black attire, the city's shops have endless interpretations of fashionable goods. There's something for every kind of shopper in the Big Apple at pop-up shops from online retailers, famed department stores, designer boutiques and off-price upscale bargains at Century 21 and Empire Outlets to restock the closet.

认真的购物者知道纽约是世界上最著名的购物圣地之一。虽然纽约人可能以他们的全黑着装而闻名,但这座城市的商店对时尚商品有着无穷无尽的诠释。在大苹果,网上零售店、著名的百货商店、设计师精品店、21世纪百货公司(Century 21)的廉价高档商品店和帝国商店(Empire Outlets)的快闪店(pop-up shop)里,每一个购物者都有东西来充实衣橱。

If you're after unique goods from bygone eras, head out on a curated vintage shopping spree to the Rare Vintage showroom or Brooklyn Flea market. For more affordable gently used designer goods, find out which brands are having sample sales during your shopaholic trip to NYC.


Hudson Yards is a seven-story retail space with more than 100 high-end shops from around the globe and New York's debut Neiman Marcus department store.

哈德逊广场Hudson Yards)是一个七层楼的零售店,拥有来自全球的100多家高端商店和纽约首家内曼·马库斯(Neiman Marcus)百货商店。

For an opulent shopping experience, Madison Avenue is a premier luxury fashion district with European and American designers' flagship shops. The Shops at Columbus Circle is a retail destination with a wide variety of vendors ranging from high-end to mainstream.



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