英语咬文嚼字: the buck stops here, level with sb, in a row, press on/ahead (with), run errands, practicalities, blunt

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英语咬文嚼字 The Crazy Logophile

the buck stops here
said by someone who is responsible for making decisions and who will be blamed if things go wrong
责无旁贷; 问题止于.....; 不能推卸责任
备注: pass the buck (推卸责任)

In France’s uniquely centralized presidential system, the buck unquestionably stops with Macron. He has addressed the nation three times since the crisis began, drawing a record television audience of 35 million for his first speech. In his most forceful address, he repeatedly told the French people they were “at war.” He will address them again on Monday evening, to discuss the next phase of the fight. (Euro Politico)

level with sb
— phrasal verb with level verb [ T ]
to tell someone the truth about something
I'll level with you - the salary's not particularly good, and there's little chance of promotion. 我实话跟你说——工资并不太高,也没有多少晋升的机会。(Cambridge)

But on issues such as the use of masks and testing, authorities have not always leveled with the population — even when the shortages they faced were due in large part to decisions made by previous governments.

in a row
one after another without a break
She's been voted Best Actress three years in a row. 她已经连续3年当选为最佳女演员。(Cambridge)

The White House is not expected to hold a press briefing on Easter Sunday, the second day in a row without one amid the coronavirus pandemic. (The Hill)

press on/ahead (with)
— phrasal verb with press verb
to start or continue doing something in a determined way, often despite problems
It was pouring with rain, but we pressed on regardless. 尽管下着倾盆大雨,但我们还是继续前进。
The government is pressing ahead with its plans to reorganize the penal system. 政府在努力推行刑罚制度的改革计划。(Cambridge)

Macron also pressed ahead with holding a first round of local elections in mid-March before having to cancel the second round as social distancing measures became stricter. And his considerable skills as a communicator have sometimes deserted him, leading to confusion. (Euro Politico)

run errands
to go out to buy or do something
After school he runs errands for his father. 放学后他替父亲跑跑腿办些事情。(Cambridge)

Macron justified his decision on the basis of scientific advice that going to the polls carried no greater risk than running errands — as long as people practiced social distancing and used hand gels available at the polling station.

practicalities [ plural ]
the conditions that result from an idea becoming a real situation
The practicalities of having two young children and working full time meant we had to employ a nanny. 有两个年幼的孩子又要全职工作,这种实际情况意味着我们得雇个保姆。
It sounds like a good idea, but you should consider the practicalities before you put it into action. 这听起来是个好主意,但在实施之前你应该考虑一下实际情况。(Cambridge)

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, his beard growing ever grayer, has spent hours on television fielding questions from viewers and breaking down the practicalities of the government's guidelines during lockdown. (Euro Politico)

adjective (RUDE) 直率;鲁莽
saying what you think without trying to be polite or considering other people's feelings:
I'll be blunt - that last piece of work you did was terrible. (Cambridge)

Since coming to office, Macron has cultivated a reputation for being bold and blunt. But he shied away from that template on two key measures, which dented his reputation. (Euro Politico)

You can refer to a small group of people within a larger organization as a cell. 小组织; 大组织中的一小组人称为cell

He has also played a central role in arbitrating between the recommendations of the two inter-ministerial cells set up to manage the crisis: one at the health ministry in a room called CORRUSS, and the traditional crisis cell at the interior ministry, known for handling terror attacks. Both meet daily and incorporate recommendations from other ministries. (Euro Politico)

noun [ C ]/ˈtɪl.ɚ/
a long handle attached to and used to turn a rudder (= blade at the back of a boat used to control the boat's direction)
舵柄 (Cambridge)

“He will be the François Molins of health,” Macron told his aides in late January, according to one of them, drawing a comparison with the former Paris prosecutor seen as a reassuring hand on the tiller as the country suffered a wave of terrorist attacks between 2015 and 2017. (Euro Politico)

noun [ C ]/ˈlep.ɚ/
a person who is strongly disliked and avoided by other people because of something bad that he or she has done
She claimed that the rumours had made her a social leper. 她声称谣言使她在社会交往中成了一个不受欢迎的人。(Cambridge)

Say yes to physical distancing, not “social” distancing
“Hello” from two metres away deserves a “hello” back. We’re not lepers.

adjective [ before noun ] physics specialized /kɪˈnet̬.ɪk/
involving or producing movement
kinetic energy 动能 (Cambridge)

In a call from the salon on March 24, Macron told European Council President Charles Michel he is fighting a “kinetic war ” — one that is constantly in motion, requiring quick and decisive action with little time for second-guessing. (Euro Politico)

verb /ˈdʒʌɡ.əl/ juggle verb (ENTERTAIN) [ I or T ]
to throw several objects up into the air, and then catch and throw them up repeatedly so that one or more stays in the air, usually in order to entertain people
We all watched in amazement as he juggled with three flaming torches. 他拿3个燃烧的火把玩杂耍,我们都看呆了。(Cambridge)

This account of Macron’s handling of the coronavirus crisis so far, based on interviews with seven senior officials involved in France’s domestic and international response, reveals a president trying to juggle three different roles — as commander, communicator and multilateralist-in-chief. (Euro Politico)

noun [ C ]
mainly disapproving /ˈɡɪm.ɪk/
something that is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people's attention or interest temporarily, especially to make them buy something
a publicity gimmick 广告宣传花招
They give away free gifts with children's meals as a sales/marketing gimmick. 他们给儿童套餐搭配免费礼品作为促销/营销伎俩。(Cambridge)

On Europe, Macron sees both danger and opportunity. The danger is that the European Union itself could collapse, particularly if countries hardest hit by the crisis such as Italy and Spain do not feel the EU has done enough to help them. “This solidarity issue isn’t a gimmick, it is the condition of the survival of the European project in the aftermath,” the senior official said. (Euro Politico)

verb [ T usually + adv/prep ] /ˈʃep.ɚd/
shepherd verb T usually + adv/prep
to make a group of people move to where you want them to go, especially in a kind, helpful, and careful way
He shepherded the old people towards the dining room (Cambridge)

It was his first of many international conversations about the virus. In the following month and a half, Macron has taken part in a veritable blitz of videoconferences aimed at shepherding a global response to the pandemic, even as the United States has abdicated its leading role in world affairs.




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