英语咬文嚼字: malfeasance; in the offing; beltway; loaded for bear

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英语咬文嚼字: 英语热搜词、趋势词、 俚语和习语。选词和例句全部来自当前主流英语媒体。李如勤英语特点:及时性 、 热点性 和趋势性。例句和解释全部标明出处,原汁原味。欢迎留言和交流学习。

英语咬文嚼字 The Crazy Logophile

今日单词 Word of the Day

noun [ U ] /mælˈfiː.zəns/

Meaning (Cambridge)
an example of dishonest and illegal behaviour, especially by a person in authority

1690s, from French malfaisance "wrongdoing" ; from malfaisant, from mal- "badly" + faisant, present participle of faire "to do" ; from Latin facere "to do". Malfeasor "wrong-doer" is attested from early 14c. Related: Malfeasant.

Several cases of malpractice and malfeasance in the financial world are currently being investigated.

It was meant to be the moment when Democrats started to knit a narrative of presidential malfeasance that many of them hope will trigger impeachment.

But it turned into an iconic Trump-era spectacle that served instead to show how the White House and its acolytes have made a mockery of the checks and balances of the Washington system.
—- Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN
Updated September 18, 2019

今日词组 Phrase of the Day

in the offing
offing /ˈɒf.ɪŋ/ noun

Meaning (Cambridge)
likely to happen soon

With an election in the offing, the prime minister is keen to maintain his popularity.

The tweet was in reference to drone attacks on Saudi oil fields -- and seemed a very clear threat that a military response was in the offing once the culprit became clear. (CNN) Sep 17, 2019

With mercurial partners like Trump in the offing, in what could potentially be the UK's biggest post-Brexit trade deal, the whole project looks more tarnished by the day. (CNN)

今日俚语 Slang of the Day

noun, often attributive

A. a highway skirting an urban area
指环绕城市的公路,尤其环绕华盛顿D.C.公路 - The Capital Beltway : 是一条环绕华盛顿的环形道路(整条道路被正式称为495号州际公路 )。

B. capitalized : the political and social world of Washington, D.C.,
第一个字母大写,政治俚语,主要指华盛顿的政治利益和政治生态(政客, 政治说客 和政府分包商等)

Beltway — AKA, “Inside the Beltway”. It refers to anything on the inside of Interstate 495 that circles Washington D.C. and anything of interest to those working and living in that area; namely politicians, lobbyists, and federal contractors.

It was first thought to be used in the New York Times in 1975. And no, it’s not what holds up the pants of a bulbous congressman. (by Daniel Ganninger / medium.com)

The lobbyists, consultants and pundits inside the Beltway are obsessed with recent data that show Mr. Trump losing to several Democratic challengers. But surveys taken more than a year before Election Day are meaningless. More important, Mr. Trump benefits from incumbency and continued economic recovery, and he’s riding a wave of national populism that has yet to crest.

Apr 18, 2018 - It is mostly waving a wish into reality by Mr. Trump's Beltway-centric supporters. (wsj.com) April 18, 2018 6:44

The answer is simple: The national media establishment, like many of Trump’s Beltway critics, are seeking a way to disqualify him from holding national office.

今日习语 Idiom of the Day

loaded for bear

prepared to deal with attacks or criticism : prepared to fight or argue. (Merriam-Webster)

fully prepared for any eventuality, especially a confrontation or challenge. (Oxford)

An allusion to equipping oneself with the sort of heavy weaponry suitable for hunting large game. (Wiktionary)

When you are loaded for bear (in a north American context) you have enough damage dealing capability to eliminate the most ferocious and hardest to kill predator on the continent. Which would mean anything else you face would be eliminated. It's basically saying "It doesn't matter what life throws my way I can handle it"

Party leaders were left to explain why they had not been more nimble in questioning a witness loaded for bear, since everyone knew Lewandowski would show up with the intention of causing havoc. (CNN Sep 18, 2019)

President Trump will walk into a lion's den of angry allied leaders at this week's Group of Seven summit, where he is expected to face a firestorm of criticism over his decision to hit them with steep tariffs on steel and aluminum. […]

Bill Reinsch, a trade expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Trump is likely to get an earful from the U.S. allies. […]

Reinsch said he expects the summit to be one of the most tense in recent history and said the other six countries are "loaded to bear."
(The Hill 6/6/2018)








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