英语文学词汇: turbid, recant, untrammeled, honeysuckle, ebullient, amorphous, plenipotentiary, alacrity, gnaw, bent,

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英语文学词汇 Literature Terms

从2020年9月1日开始,英语文学词汇开始咀嚼《伤残的树》(The Crippled Tree)一书的用词。《伤残的树》是英籍女作家韩素音自传之一。写她的中国父亲在欧洲留学时与她比利时母亲恋爱结合的故事,以及她在童年时期的生活见闻。

韩素音的英文造诣在当代英美文坛堪称一流,其精美、清丽、雅洁的文笔早在西方评论界获得公认。韩素音英语用词精确,其形容词、名词和动词千变万化。每期罗列10个用词和解释, 并附上原文句子。

151. turbid
adjective /ˈtɝː.bɪd/
(of a liquid) cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter;(of a liquid) not transparent because a lot of small pieces of matter are held in it

When the waters are turbid with mud all fishes' eyes are pearls. Think of your family, what will happen to them if you are known as a rebel? They will suffer for you, be punished for you, ... ( Page 104)

152. recant
verb [ I or T ]/rɪˈkænt/
to say that one no longer holds an opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical; to announce in public that your past beliefs or statements were wrong and that you no longer agree with them

He was captured. Dressed as a peasant, he refused to recant, insulted the magistrate, and was beheaded. ( Page 104)

153. untrammeled
UK formal (US usually untrammeled)/ʌnˈtræm.əld/
not deprived of freedom of action or expression; not restricted or hampered;not limited by rules or any other controlling influence

From 1898 when my father , Chou Yentung of Chengtu, took the old classical examination after the One Hundred Days Reform had failed, to 1964 when I read his memories, is sixty-six years; but in man's mind, untrammeled by immediacy and undeluded by clocks, it is but yesterday and today.

154. honeysuckle
noun [ C or U ]/ˈhʌn.iˌsʌk.əl/
a climbing plant with flowers that smell sweet

Between the flowery bushes, under the honeysuckle in arches, by the wistaria (紫藤属植物) drooping over rockery ponds, along the alleys boled by paulownia (泡桐树), cedars and camphor, young lovers walked,... ( Page 106)

155. ebullient
adjective /ɪbˈʊl.i.ənt/
cheerful and full of energy; very energetic, positive, and happy

The Righteous Fists were but one more time, one more place, one more episode, of this ebullient, perpetual ferment, arising out of poverty and hunger, devastation and want. ( Page 108)

156. amorphous
adjective /eɪˈmɔːr.fəs/
without a clearly defined shape or form; having no fixed form or shape

..., so peasant armies tied a colored cloth around their foreheads, beat the iron of their ploughs into the tips of spears and their saucepans into swords, and rolled forward like the ocean, amorphous, inchoate (未发展完善的), irresistable. (Page 108)

157. plenipotentiary
noun [ C ]/ˌplen.ɪ.poʊˈten.ʃi.er.i/
a person who has the authority to represent his or her country, especially in another country

This envoy of Great France is to reside in China, generally to manage the affairs of Great Franxce; as the envoy plenipotentiary, with all rights. ( Page 109)

158. alacrity
noun [ U ] /əˈlæk.rə.t̬i/
brisk and cheerful readiness; speed and eagerness

The Imperial Court ordered reforms and asked for suggestions. The New Learning came in, and the provinces seized upon opening with alacrity, in order to establish military academies in each province. ( Page 100)

159. gnaw
verb /nɑː/
bite at or nibble something persistently; to bite or chew something repeatedly, usually making a hole in it or gradually destroying it

Great calamities have come upon our country, disaster after disaster, so that men's hearts are not at ease. Families must have a guiding rule, lest their spirits disperse, and ruin and desperation gnaw at their existence. ( Page 111)

160. bent
noun [ S ]/bent/
a natural talent or inclination: a natural skill

Seeing that our eldest son obtained his degree of bachelor and is of a studious bent, and he is the Eldest Son, let him be married that he may bring up the posterity to replenish the house and fulfill the rites. ( Page 112)








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