英语文学词汇: trellis, spasmodic, smite, sinecure, retrograde, furrow, taunt, importunate, premonition, pubertal, inkling

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英语文学词汇 Literature Terms

从2020年9月1日开始,英语文学词汇开始咀嚼《伤残的树》(The Crippled Tree)一书的用词。《伤残的树》是英籍女作家韩素音自传之一。写她的中国父亲在欧洲留学时与她比利时母亲恋爱结合的故事,以及她在童年时期的生活见闻。

韩素音的英文造诣在当代英美文坛堪称一流,其精美、清丽、雅洁的文笔早在西方评论界获得公认。韩素音英语用词精确,其形容词、名词和动词千变万化。每期罗列10个用词和解释, 并附上原文句子。

141. trellis
noun [ C ] & verb /ˈtrel.ɪs/
a framework of light wooden or metal bars, chiefly used as a support for fruit trees or climbing plants.

In the open air space, under the trellised honey suckle-dripping fragrance and shade, between the harmony trees and bamboo groves, agents of the dynasty loitered, sipping tea, listening to the talk of the scholars. (page 93)

142. spasmodic
occurring or done in brief, irregular bursts.; happening suddenly for short periods of time and not in a regular way

As the spring went on, the countryside rose, spasmodic outbursts here and there, and Manchu garrisons went out to slaughter the peasants. ( Page 94)

143. smite
verb [ T ] & noun /smaɪt/
smote | smitten
to strike with a firm blow; to hit someone forcefully or to have a sudden powerful or damaging effect on someone

Formerly India was a famous nation., but she preserved her traditions without change, and a trading company of one hundred and twenty men the British subjugated her. Mencius said: "A state first smites itself, then others will smite her." ( Page 95)

144. sinecure
noun [ C ]
disapproving /ˈsaɪ.nə.kjʊr/
a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit; a position which involves little work, but for which the person is paid

By September reaction set in. It was the abolition of sinecure appointments, the cutting down in expenditure in official posts, the doing away of certain provincial governorships, forbidding the sale of official ranks, the revision of civil and military posts...(Page 99)

145. retrograde
adjective/noun/verb /ˈret.rə.ɡreɪd/
directed or moving backward; returning to older and worse conditions, methods, ideas, etc.

Now the most corrupt and retrograde Manchu nobles, Chinese officials and eunuchs took over the powers. ( Page 100)

146. furrow
noun [ C ] & verb /ˈfɝː.oʊ/
a long line or hollow that is formed or cut into the surface of something

The moon was preparing for its zenith, the cicadas had ended their summer shrieking. Soon the autumn rain would come, sinking quietly into the prepared furrows. ( Page 1010)

146. taunt
verb [ T ]& noun /tɑːnt/
to intentionally annoy and upset someone by making unkind remarks to them, laughing unkindly, etc.

One afternoon for no reason, we quarreled and I taunted him: "have you burnt your books? It was as if I bore Tachun a grudge because reform had failed. (Page 101)

147. importunate
to press or urge with troublesome persistence; persistent, especially to the point of annoyance or intrusion.

Home and back to the classics, shrugging my shoulders against the importunate memory of Tachun's tears. ( Page 101)

148. premonition
noun [ C ]/ˌprem.əˈnɪʃ.ən/ /ˌpriː.məˈnɪʃ.ən/
a feeling that something, especially something unpleasant, is going to happen

I smelt the autumn chrysanthemums' sharp, spiky flavor, had a premonition of young manhood growing upon me, until unknown. (Page 102)

149. puberty
noun [ U ]/ˈpjuː.bɚ.t̬i/
pubertal adj. [ˈpyo͞obərdē]
the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction; the stage in people's lives when they develop from a child into an adult because of changes in their body that make them able to have children

I emerged into the knowledge of the flesh, tension of the pubertal body which makes for writing lyrics and falling in love with the idea of woman, then then with woman. ( Page 103)

150. inkling
noun [ C usually singular, U ]
a slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint; a feeling that something is true or likely to happen, although you are not certain

But for me this first inkling of manhood was compounded with fear, with bitterness, with a world of ideas half shunned which has lasted a spring and a summer, and I was so infected by its outcome that I would for ever doubt the validity of further effort. ( Page102)








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