英语文学词汇: enjoin, scholarship, indemnity, impugn, in spate, propitiate, girdle, tumultuous, fetor, beriberi

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英语文学词汇 Literature Terms

从2020年9月1日开始,英语文学词汇开始咀嚼《伤残的树》(The Crippled Tree)一书的用词。《伤残的树》是英籍女作家韩素音自传之一。写她的中国父亲在欧洲留学时与她比利时母亲恋爱结合的故事,以及她在童年时期的生活见闻。

韩素音的英文造诣在当代英美文坛堪称一流,其精美、清丽、雅洁的文笔早在西方评论界获得公认。韩素音英语用词精确,其形容词、名词和动词千变万化。每期罗列10个用词和解释, 并附上原文句子。

181. enjoin
verb [ T ]/ɪnˈdʒɔɪn/
to instruct or urge (someone) to do something; to tell someone to do something or to behave in a particular way
指示或敦促(某人)做某事; 嘱咐;吩咐

Every three months they were visited by a supervisors of studies; the latter inquired after the student's welfare, read his diary, admonished the young man, giving advice or reprimand as circumstance demanded. They were enjoined not to eat Christianity nor marry foreign women. ( Page 139)

182. scholarship
noun /ˈskɑː.lɚ.ʃɪp/
1) [ U ]serious, detailed study
2) an amount of money given by a school, college, university, or other organization to pay for the studies of a person with great ability but little money

By 1949 there were a bare fifty thousand returned students in a country of near six hundred millions. Many, like my father, and later myself, had gone scholarships. The sources of these scholarships were various. ( Page 140)

183. indemnity
noun [ C or U ]/ɪnˈdem.nə.t̬i/
a sum of money paid as compensation, especially a sum exacted by a victor in war as one condition of peace.

A few years after the Boxer uprising, both Belgium and America negotiated to return their share of the Boxer indemnity to China, with the proviso that the money should be used for the educational purpose. ( Page 140)

184. impugn
verb [ T ] /ɪmˈpjuːn/
to dispute the truth, validity, or honesty of (a statement or motive); call into question; to cause people to doubt someone's character, qualities, or reputation by criticizing them

And they become quite rightly indignant when their motives impugned, as they are today, and they accuse the Asians of biting the hand that feeds them. (Page 140)

185. in spate
If a river is in (full) spate, it has more water in it and is flowing faster than it usually does.

On an auspicious day in the late summer of 1903, when the Great River was in spate, in the benumbing din of firecrackers, after being feasted by the governor and the notables of Chengtu,... ( Page 141)

186. propitiate
verb [ T ]/prəˈpɪʃ.i.eɪt/
to win or regain the favor of (a god, spirit, or person) by doing something that pleases them.; to please and make calm a god or person who is annoyed with you

At dawn the morning taxes were paid, the river deities propitiated with firecrackers and oranges; in the evening the boatman would be given their daily string of cash so that they could smoke their opium and eat their rice. ( Page 143)

187. girdle
verb [ T ] literary /ˈɡɝː.dəl/
to surround something; to move around

Girdled by its walls, crumbling verminous huts gripping the flanks of its supporting rock, ... ( Page 144)

188. tumultuous
adjective formal /tuːˈmʌl.tʃu.əs/
very loud, or full of confusion, change, or uncertainty; making a loud, confused noise; uproarious.

Chungking riding its jutting rock was tumultuous, cholera-ridden, and full of starving peasants selling their children, for there was a famine in the north and girls were to be bought for the twenty strings .....( Page 144)

189. fetor
[ˈfēdər]NOUN a strong, foul smell.

The wealthy had got themselves to pass the fetor-infested late summer and autumn away from the squalid death that strewed corpses up and down the staircase streets of the city. (Page 144)

190. beriberi
noun [ U ]/ˌber.ɪˈber.i/
a disease causing inflammation of the nerves and heart failure, caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1
脚气病; 维生素B1缺乏

Yentung dutifully wrote this complaint back in a letter to his family; but he chiefly wrote some poems about the city of Chungking. He mentioned the cholera, and also beriberi, calling it by its Chinese name, foot-swelling breath disease, ... ( Page 145)








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