英语文学词汇: cripple, decapitate, talcum powder, corset, deface, rack, cataclysm, frolic, somnolent, enmity

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韩素音的英文造诣在当代英美文坛堪称一流,其精美、清丽、雅洁的文笔早在西方评论界获得公认。韩素音英语用词精确,其形容词、名词和动词千变万化。每期罗列10个用词和解释, 并附上原文句子。

英语文学词汇 Literature Terms

verb [ T ] /ˈkrɪp.əl/ (Cambridge)
1)to injure someone so that they are unable to walk or move in a normal way
2) to cause serious damage to someone or something, making him, her, or it weak and not effective
a country crippled by war 因战争而元气大伤的国家

自传书名《伤残的树》: The Crippled Tree - The Unforgettable Story of War and Revolution in China (封面)

2. decapitate
verb [ T ]/dɪˈkæp.ə.teɪt/ (Cambridge)
to cut off the head of a person

Today I should not have time to write you a very long letter, because the bandits were here last night, and the cook has been decapitated. His head is in the garden, so I have shut the window. (Page 11)

3. talcum powder
noun [ U ]/ˈtæl.kəm ˌpaʊ.dɚ/ (Cambridge)
a powder, usually having a pleasant smell, put on the skin to make it feel smooth or to help it stay dry

The little one is crying with prickly heat. but I cannot get any talcum power so please send me two dozens tins, it is easy to get in England. (Page 11)

4. corset
noun [ C ]/ˈkɔːr.sət/ (Cambridge)
a tight piece of underwear worn on the middle part of a woman's body to make her waist appear smaller, especially in the past

I have had to give up my corsets too, and you would not recognize me, I drag myself in slippers all day long. (Page 11)

5. deface
verb [ T ]/dɪˈfeɪs/ (Cambridge)
to damage and spoil the appearance of something by writing or drawing on it
He was fined for defacing library books. 他因在从图书馆借来的书上乱写乱画而被罚款。

The pen caught the residue in the inkwell, streaked a hair across the sloping handwriting, defacing the last word. Marguerite broke down. (Page 11)

6. rack
verb [ T often passive ]/ræk/ (Cambridge)
to cause physical or mental pain, or trouble, to someone or something
Even at the end, when cancer racked his body, he was calm and cheerful.

The tears, as if squeezed out, ran down her almost lashless eyes on to her thin cheeks. She paced the room, racked by the sobs. "Enough, it is enough. My God, I cannot stand any more. I pack, and I go." ( Page 11)

7. cataclysm
noun [ C ] literary /ˈkæt̬.ə.klɪ.zəm/ (Cambridge)
an event that causes a lot of destruction, or a sudden, violent change

And yet she went on, she had gone on, she would go on living in China, unable to tear herself away, until thirty years later a final cataclysm made the choice for her. (Page 11)

8. frolic
verb [ I ] /ˈfrɑː.lɪk/ (Cambridge)
present participle frolicking | past tense and past participle frolicked
to play and behave in a happy way
A group of suntanned children were frolicking on the beach.

Round her the dirty plaster of the walls, the mate ceiling which dropped blobs of dry earth when rats frolicked above it at night. (Page 11 )

9. somnolent
adjective literary /ˈsɑːm.nəl.ənt/ (Cambridge)
almost sleeping, or causing sleep
a somnolent summer's afternoon 一个令人昏昏欲睡的夏日午后

... the earthen floor with its rotting carpet laid in front of the sagging iron bed, the cot with the wailing child, gave back a heavy somnolent indifference, ... (Page11)

10. enmity
noun [ C or U ]/ˈen.mə.t̬i/ (Cambridge)
a feeling of hate
She denied any personal enmity towards him. 她否认自己对他怀有任何私怨。

...the enormous indifference more suffocating than any enmity, more void than any vacuum, making of the whole populous land a desert where she turned on herself, imprisoned among the crowds, ...




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