英语文学词汇: guile, niggardly, uncouth, invective, betake yourself, cajolery, carry the day, bristlingly, otiose, venality

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英语文学词汇 Literature Terms

从2020年9月1日开始,英语文学词汇开始咀嚼《伤残的树》(The Crippled Tree)一书的用词。《伤残的树》是英籍女作家韩素音自传之一。写她的中国父亲在欧洲留学时与她比利时母亲恋爱结合的故事,以及她在童年时期的生活见闻。

韩素音的英文造诣在当代英美文坛堪称一流,其精美、清丽、雅洁的文笔早在西方评论界获得公认。韩素音英语用词精确,其形容词、名词和动词千变万化。每期罗列10个用词和解释, 并附上原文句子。

171. guile
noun [ U ]/ɡaɪl/
clever but sometimes dishonest behaviour that you use to deceive someone

Leopold II negotiations with France were to be kept decret as long as possible, especially from England and from Germany. Leopold II's talent at maneuvering now revealed itself in the directives, precise, lucid and full of guile, which he sent to his faithful Africans in China.(Page 125)

172. niggardly (adj) ; niggardliness (n)
not generous; stingy 小气,不慷慨的

Chang, the most powerful viceroy, had said yes, the Americans and English were defeated, the Germans were nowhere; would the Belgians themselves destroy their advantages through niggardliness? ( Page 126)

173. uncouth
adjective disapproving /ʌnˈkuːθ/
(of a person or their appearance or behavior) lacking good manners, refinement, or grace; behaving in a rude, unpleasant way

The chief of mission, Razzardi, turned out to be of Italian origin, naturalized Belgian, and totally deaf; his second, Masy, was an uncouth station-master, hurriedly bundled in as delegate, no one knows why; ... ( Page 127)

174. invective
noun [ U ]/ɪnˈvek.tɪv/
insulting, abusive, or highly critical language; criticism that is very forceful, unkind, and often rude

England and Germany started a press campaign against Belgium, accusing Belgium of being the mask of a " France-Russian alliance" and of having " broken her neutrality". The walls of London were plastered with anti-Belgian invectives. (Page 127)

175. betake yourself
to go somewhere; to displace oneself; go from one location to another

He did so in a manner splendidly literal. He betook himself to the residence of Sheng in Shanghai, where the latter had come to continue negotiations with(gifts)far from Peking, from Court spies, threatening diplomats and other annoyances. ( Page 128)

176. cajole / cajolery
verb & noun /kəˈdʒoʊl/To persuade by flattery, gentle pleading, or insincere language; to persuade someone to do something they might not want to do, by pleasant talk and (sometimes false) promises

Sheng, Viceroy Chang and Viceroy Li Hungchang again underwent a formidable assaults, the combined cajoleries and threats of the French, the Americans, the British and the Russians. ( Page 129)

177. carry the day
to gain victory or be successful; a person or their opinion carries the day in a competition or argument, they win it.
一个人或他们的意见在竞争或争论中占主导地位,他们赢了; 取得胜利或成功;

Finally Francqui, or rather Leopold II, carried the day. The bankers agreed, the load was provided, and a contract was signed on June 26th, 1898.

178. bristling / bristlingly
adj & adv
1) containing stiff hairs 包含硬毛
2) vigorous and energetic 充满活力和能量

Today, although England is reduced to a minor power, while the young bristlingly armed United States of America has taken her place, gunboat diplomacy still tries to crush the spirit of man by a show of force. ( Page 130)

179. otiose
adjective /ˈəʊ.ti.əʊs/
serving no practical purpose or result; used to describe a word or phrase, or sometimes an idea, that is unnecessary or has been used several times; verbose; diffuse

Such deep, fierce feeling may sound otiose, naive, woefully childish, to Europeans of today, it happens to be the truth not only about China, but about Asia and Africa and tomorrow Latin America as well. ( Page 135)

180. venality
noun [ U ] /vɪˈnæl.ə.t̬i/
the state or quality of being venal (= willing to behave dishonestly in exchange for money) (Cambridge)

But the Manchus needed money, and the customs revenues were under control of the Powers, who knew how to bide their time; they would let inefficiency and venality do their work. ( Page 136)








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