英语咬文嚼字: corrigendum, cerulean, the holy grail, sleaze, par for the course, treeline, nirvana, white-knuckle, seat-of-the-pants, adrenalin, terra firma

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呆牛英语特点:及时性 、 热点性 、 新潮流行性和趋势性。例句和解释原汁原味。欢迎留言和交流学习。

英语咬文嚼字 The Crazy Logophile

noun [ C ] publishing specialized /ˌkɔːr.əˈdʒen.dəm/
plural corrigenda
a mistake in a printed text that needs to be corrected

Several Chinese media outlets at provincial or city levels, including the Guangzhou Daily, Heilongjiang TV and Guizhou News FM94.6, on Saturday morning posted the fake news on China's Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo or published it on their official website, and soon deleted the post. 

In particular, Guizhou News FM94.6, a broadcaster under the Guizhou Radio TV Station backed by Southwest China's Guizhou provincial government, posted a corrigendum on Weibo around 2 pm, admitting the news about Gao was a rumor. --- Globaltimes Feb 15, 2020

adjective literary /səˈruː.li.ən/
deep blue in colour

En route, you'll pass cerulean lakes, crashing cascades, gleaming glaciers and the largest area of unbroken ice anywhere in the North America.

the holy grail
noun [ S ](also the Holy Grail)   ( Cambridge)a cup believed to have been used by Jesus Christ at the meal before his death圣杯(传说耶稣在最后的晚餐上使用过)something that is extremely difficult to find or get极难找到(或得到)之物 

Black and grizzly bears may be the holy grail for wildlife spotters, but there are plenty of other animals to seek out. 

noun /sliːz/ [ U ]activities, especially business or political, of a low moral standard;  a person who has low standards of honesty or morals(尤指商界或政界的)卑劣行为,丑行; 无耻之徒,下流坯

The sleaze factor was the major reason for his electoral defeat. 丑闻是他选举失败的主要原因。

an 22, 2020 · A defiant President Trump said Wednesday the impeachment trial is a “con job,” but he’ll leave thorny decisions to senators, wrapping up a Swiss trip by calling key Democrats “major sleazebags”. James Comey: As usual, Trump called me a sleaze. But the audience reaction to his rant was more upsetting. 

be par for the course
If a type of behaviour, event, or situation is par for the course, it is not good but it is normal or as you would expect ; If you say that something that happens is par for the course, you mean that you are not pleased with it but it is what you expected to happen. 不出所料,在预料之中

Lying, law-breaking, sleaze par for the course across Trump's career. The increasingly unhinged Trump administration is breaking all historical records for corruption, self-dealing, lying, law breaking and general sleaze.

The school budget is going to be cut again this year, but then that's par for the course. 今年学校的预算又要削减了,不过这是预料之中的。

noun [ S ]/ˈtriː.laɪn/(US also the timberline)
the height above sea level or the distance south or north of the equator after which trees do not grow林木线(林木能够生长的海拔上限或最高纬度)

The climb above the treeline in the Rocky Mountains and you are in a different domain, an ethereal world of impressionist flowers and meadows, glassy mountain lakes and jagged peaks above the clouds.

noun [ U ] /nɚˈvɑː.nə/
a state of freedom from all suffering that Buddhists believe can be achieved by removing all personal wishes涅磐(佛教徒所追寻的超脱一切的极度精神自由的境界)a state of being perfect  (Cambridge)

The Tongquin Valley - already well known to summer hikers and horseback riders - is a snow-blanketed nirvana.

adjective [ before noun ]   informal
A white-knuckle experience or activity makes you feel very frightened and often excited.惊险刺激的;令人捏把汗的
a white-knuckle ride in a theme park 主题公园里一次惊险刺激的骑乘 Cambridge)

May 28, 2017 · PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron says his now famous white-knuckle handshake showdown with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump was "a moment of truth" — designed to show that he's no pushover....

white water
noun [ U ](also whitewater, white-water)
water in a river that flows quickly and has a lot of bubbles:white-water rafting 激流漂流 

Deep in western Maine, The Forks is white water rafting destination with a backwoods soul. This is where the Dead River and the Kennebec River come together, and there’s great white water rafting on each of the two waterways.

sb's heart is in his/her mouth
If someone's heart is in their mouth, they are feeling extremely nervous:My heart was in my mouth when I opened the letter. (Cambridge)极度紧张 Cambridge)

"Gosh, Mary," said John, "My heart is in my mouth whenever I see you." It was a touching scene. My heart was in my mouth the whole time. ( freedictionary)

adjective [ before noun ] informal
done using only your own experience and trusting your own judgment: She has a seat-of-the-pants ability to find the best way out of a crisis.只利用自己的经验,相信自己的判断 Cambridge)

Jan 30, 2018 · If President Trump continues to fly by the seat of the pants, and he has demonstrated no capacity for change or self-reflection. the question is not whether he will crash but when. --huffpost

noun [ U ]chemistry, biology   (also adrenaline) /əˈdren.əl.ɪn/
a hormone produced by the body, for example when you are frightened, angry, or excited, that makes the heart beat faster and prepares the body to react to danger

These arguments always get my adrenalin going (= make me excited or angry). 这些争论总是让我肾上腺素上升(让我激动或恼怒)。(Cambridge)

terra firma
noun [ U ]   usually humorous /ˌter.ə ˈfɝː.mə/
dry land, when compared with the sea or air(与海洋、天空相对的)大陆,陆地

It was good to get back on terra firma again after a very rough ferry ride to Calais. 前往加莱的轮渡非常颠簸,回到了陆地上后感觉真是太好了。(Cambridge)



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