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No-deal Brexit would be a 'catastrophe' for travelers, experts warn

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Julia Buckley, CNN • Updated 15th September 2019


(CNN) — Food shortages. Inadequate medical supplies. Civil unrest and road blockades. Lack of fuel. Delays at the border.

That's the potential aftermath of a no-deal Brexit, as detailed by the UK government in an official document released September 11.

It's a scenario that travelers from around the world could be flying into if current plans to crash out of the European Union are followed through.

That's enough to scare off Stephen Pickett, a sales director from Toronto.

"Why would I put myself out to go and get caught up in something?" he told CNN Travel. "This isn't something I want to put myself through."

Pickett, 47, has brought forward a planned November visit to October to avoid potential disruption. And he has put plans for further visits, as well as a move to London in December, on hold.

CNN) -食物短缺。医疗用品不足。内乱和道路封锁。缺乏燃料。边境延误。



这足以吓跑多伦多的销售总监斯蒂芬皮克特(Stephen Pickett)。



The UK is currently set to leave the EU at 11 p.m. October 31.

And while UK nationals are concerned about how it'll affect their travel plans -- a third of British travelers are concerned that flights to Europe might be disrupted, according to a survey this week from consumer group Which? -- travelers scheduled to fly into the UK have more pressing concerns.

Across six pages, the government document, nicknamed Operation Yellowhammer, details the potential on-the-ground outcome of a no-deal Brexit.



这份名为“黄哈默(Operation Yellowhammer)的政府文件长达六页,详细描述了无协议退欧可能带来的实际结果。

The UK government -- which was forced by parliament to release the document after it was leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper -- insists Yellowhammer is a "reasonable worst case" scenario. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, however, has said that the Scottish government was told the document was a "base scenario."

What's more, an industry expert has told CNN that in terms of travel, Yellowhammer looks "surprisingly optimistic" -- and that in the event of a no-deal, people could be waiting in border queues between the UK and the EU for days on end.

英国政府坚称,黄哈默合理的最坏情况”。在这份文件被泄露给《星期日泰晤士报》(Sunday Times)后,英国议会迫使英国政府公布了这份文件。然而,苏格兰首席大臣尼古拉·斯特金(Nicola Sturgeon)表示,苏格兰政府被告知,这份文件只是一个“基本设想”。


'Significant disruption'

Queues at ports and airports could last 'days' 港口和机场的排队队伍可能会持续“数天 DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images 法新社/盖蒂图片社 DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

Yellowhammer predicts "significant disruption lasting up to six months" for Channel crossings affecting food and medical supplies.

"Certain types of fresh food supply will decrease," it warns. Veterinary supplies may be interrupted, threatening outbreaks of disease among livestock, which could also affect the food chain.

黄哈默预测 海峡的过境会“严重中断长达6个月”,影响食品和医疗供应。


Fuel supplies in London and southeast England would be disrupted, and could domino into shortages across the country.

It also warns of a "rise in public disorder," "protests and counter-protests," and road blockages.

"There's a lot more stability in Canada, so as much as London is great, why dip my toe into something when I don't know what'll happen?" said Pickett.

Although he married a British woman in August and was hoping to move to London at the end of the year, that's now on hold.





"The plan was to come the last week of November to assess where we wanted to live and make the move at Christmas," he said. "But I don't want to spend the money and not be able to go there because of civil unrest."

He and wife Elizabeth are now looking into whether it's easier for her to move to Canada, while he has brought his trip forward by a month.



"I wanted to get one more visit in before Brexit as we're not sure what's going to happen," he said.

"We don't know how easy it'll be to get in, what the queue will be like, or what the situation with food will be. And her parents are worried about supplies of their medication.

"If it goes on, I might be the person bringing everything over to them."




'If we were flying to Heathrow, I'd be terrified'


Travelers could find themselves camping out in airports. 旅行者可能会发现自己在机场露营。 DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images 法新社/盖蒂图片社/ DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

Pickett isn't the only traveler assessing their options. Grania O'Hare, who works for a tech company in Dublin and travels regularly to the UK, is due to fly to Yorkshire in November -- a trip booked before the Brexit date was set.

"There's definitely some slight trepidation but we're flying into a regional airport," she said. "If we were flying into Heathrow, I'd be terrified."

She said she was less concerned about food and fuel shortages in the rural north of England.

皮克特并不是唯一一个评估自己选择的旅行者。格兰尼娅•奥黑尔(Grania O'Hare)在都柏林一家科技公司工作,定期前往英国。她将于11月飞往约克郡,这是在英国退欧日期确定之前预定的行程。



"I'm a reasonable baker and I eat a lot of plant-based produce so as long as I have lentils and flour I'll be fine. But I have booked an extra bag for the hold, so we'll probably discuss a few days beforehand what food we should bring."

The bright side for O'Hare? If Operation Yellowhammer becomes reality, it's likely the pound will also plummet in value.

"I'll probably be hitting the duty free at the airport," she said. The UK's finance minister recently announced that duty-free purchases like alcohol and cigarettes would be re-introduced, post-Brexit, for travelers heading to Europe.




Border queues 'could last days'

Say goodbye to the fast track. Toughened border checks between the UK and the EU are likely to result in long lines.
Oli Scarff/Getty Images 盖蒂图片社 Oli Scarff

Travelers should be less worried about riots and food shortages -- but they should have serious concerns about crossing between the UK and EU countries, says Tom Jenkins, CEO of ETOA, a trade association for tour operators in European destinations.

Jenkins, who is based in the UK, thinks a no deal is unlikely to happen -- British lawmakers have voted to make it illegal, so leaving without a deal would require Prime Minister Boris Johnson to break the law.

But if it does go ahead, he reckons the circumstances outlined in Yellowhammer would be "very restrained" and "surprisingly optimistic" when it comes to border crossings.

ETOA是一家面向欧洲旅游运营商的行业协会,其首席执行官汤姆•詹金斯(Tom Jenkins)表示,游客们不应该那么担心骚乱和食品短缺,但他们应该对英国和欧盟国家之间的过境感到严重担忧。

常驻英国的詹金斯认为,不达成协议的可能性不大——英国议员已经投票决定,不达成协议就离开欧盟是非法的,因此如果不达成协议,英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)就必须触犯法律。


Guidance issued by the European Commission in November 2018 states that UK citizens entering Europe's 26-nation Schengen area will be treated as "third country nationals" at passport control -- on a par with travelers from other continents.

They will no longer be able to use fast-track lanes for EU citizens, and will be diverted into the lanes currently used by other nationalities, incurring more thorough checks. Passports will be inspected to see where else they have traveled, and they will be quizzed on the duration and purpose of their stay, and whether they have enough money to subsist.

"The implication is that everyone will be held up by at least 60 seconds, and due to the sheer volume of UK travelers to Europe, this will render all these processes difficult to deliver," said Jenkins.

欧盟委员会(European Commission) 2018年11月发布的指导意见指出,进入欧洲26国申根区(Schengen area)的英国公民将在护照检查中被视为“第三国公民”,与其他大陆的游客同等对待。



"If you're arriving at Berlin Tegel [airport] on a flight from the UK, there might be two immigration lanes per aircraft, one for EU citizens, one for non-EU citizens.

"After a no-deal Brexit, the non-EU citizen line could be 200-strong. That's a wait of three hours.

"If you have five planes arriving at the same time, you've got huge problems.

"In Spain, where you have UK flights full of Brits landing every five minutes, it'll be something spectacular."





And he says that, while the delays won't affect EU nationals, who can still use the fast-track lanes -- as long as the UK doesn't impose reciprocal checks on them -- citizens of other countries will be caught up in the chaos.

"We're talking hours and hours in each airport for non-EU citizens," he said. "That isn't a worst case scenario -- it's a plausible worst case. European countries will enforce what they've been told they must enforce.

"The real worst case scenario is 24 hours of delay building up in the first 24 hours."

From there, he says it could spiral to "days-long" waits at passport control.

Although this shouldn't affect travelers making a trip to the UK alone, most non-EU nationals traveling to Europe for the first time pair the UK with the European mainland, says Jenkins. By far the best selling package that his tour operators shift is a twin-center London-Paris trip.

That, he says, is where everyone will be in for a "real shock" in the event of a no deal.







America stays positive -- unless there are riots

If the UK civil unrest becomes like that in Hong Kong, Americans will stop coming
Helen Regan    海伦里根

His high-end clients will carry on visiting London, Brexit or not, because, he says, it's a business destination. With just one exception.

"If there are riots in the streets [after Brexit], I'm sure you'll see an immediate drop off."

He compares the potential situation to the current unrest in Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong is also a business destination, but people are moving their meetings to the Chinese mainland. Leisure travelers are shifting their base for southeast Asia to Singapore or Bangkok.

"The budget market would be affected first. The bulk are not as well traveled, and are more fearful.






"The luxury market tends to be better traveled and more suspicious of media messaging, but if it gets to a point of so much noise, they would also move away.

"For us [Americans], going to London isn't a trip of a lifetime. It's not like going to Australia or on a safari you've invested so much in. Most are going for business or for three or four days. If you cancel the day before, it won't change your life."

One American who won't let the noise get to him is Ken Plunkett, a bar owner from Minneapolis.



来自明尼阿波利斯的酒吧老板肯·普伦基特(Ken Plunkett)是一个美国人,他不会让噪音影响到自己。

He's flying to London on November 2, then on to Italy two days later, before returning home via London.

"I think it'll all work out," he told CNN. "If we have to wait for hours at the border, we have to wait. I won't cancel my trip.

"It reminds me of when we hit the year 2000 and we thought the whole world was going to crash, but nothing happened. I'm kind of taking that attitude."

Not even the prospect of civil unrest can put off Plunkett, who's been visiting Europe since 1965. He wouldn't go to Hong Kong right now because of anti-government protests, but says he'd still travel to London, even if there were riots.





"I understand the people of the UK," he told CNN. "They're not much different from us. We have protests and marches, and it doesn't stop people going to New York City or Washington DC. We're a country with laws and so is the UK.

"I'd give the UK more of a pass than I would other countries."

In the meantime, like Grania O'Hare, he's looking forward to a low-performing pound.



与此同时,就像格兰尼娅·奥黑尔(Grania O'Hare)一样,他也在期待着一个表现不佳的英镑。

"Sure, I'll spend loads of money," he said. "I don't want to see anyone's economy crash for the few bucks that I'll save, but let's put it this way, we like the strong dollar."

Ezon agrees.

"In the early days of the eurozone, Americans made huge pilgrimages because it was such good value compared to the dollar. People went two or three times a year.

"So assuming things are peaceful, it's a great opportunity to go shop and explore the UK."





A 'catastrophe' for travel


With the pound plummeting against other countries, it's a good time to celebrate England's most beautiful destinations. London, home to red double-decker buses and a commonly misnamed clock tower, was recently voted as the best tourist destination in the world by TripAdvisor. READ: Survival guide to the UK courtesy Visit Britain

随着英镑兑其他国家汇率暴跌,这是庆祝英国最美丽的旅游目的地的好时机。最近,伦敦被TripAdvisor评为全球最佳旅游目的地,这里有红色双层巴士,还有一个经常被误称的钟楼。 阅读:英国生存指南 礼节性访问英国
At 978 meters, Scafell Pike isn't only the highest mountain in England, it also offers the best views of the unspoiled Wasdale Valley and Wastwater -- the deepest lake in England. On a clear day Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Isle of Man can be seen from the hilltops. courtesy Visit Britain

海拔978米的斯卡菲尔派克不仅是英格兰最高的山峰,还能欣赏到未受破坏的沃斯代尔山谷(Wasdale Valley)和废水的最佳景色——沃斯代尔山谷是英格兰最深的湖泊。在晴朗的日子里,从山顶上可以看到苏格兰、威尔士、爱尔兰和马恩岛。 礼节性访问英国
Windermere, 10.5 miles (17 kilometers) long and 219 feet (67 meters) deep, is England's largest lake. Part of the scenic Lake District National Park, its small cruise boats welcome more than 1.2 million visitors each year. Lake Windermere, Lake District National Park, Cumbria courtesy Visit Britain

温德米尔湖(windermere)长10.5英里(17公里),深219英尺(67米),是英国最大的湖泊。作为风景秀丽的湖区国家公园的一部分,它的小游船每年接待120多万游客。 温德米尔湖,坎布里亚郡湖区国家公园 礼节性访问英国
The southern seaside town of Brighton has its own eccentric answer to the Taj Mahal. Built for King George IV, the 193-year-old Royal Pavilion is now open to the public as a museum. It houses an ice rink from November to January each year. courtesy Visit Britain

南部海滨城市布莱顿(Brighton)有自己独特的泰姬陵(Taj Mahal)。这座为乔治四世国王建造的皇家展馆已有193年的历史,现在作为博物馆向公众开放。每年11月到1月,这里都有一个溜冰场。 礼节性访问英国
Standing only 13 kilometers from Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire is one of England's most beautiful churches. The structure, built between 1220 and 1258, has Britain's tallest spire -- 332 steps to The top of the tower -- and Europe's oldest working clock. courtesy Visit Britain

威尔特郡的索尔兹伯里大教堂(Salisbury Cathedral)距离巨石阵(Stonehenge)只有13公里,是英国最美丽的教堂之一。这座建筑建于1220年至1258年之间,拥有英国最高的塔尖——通往塔顶的332级台阶——以及欧洲最古老的工作时钟。 礼节性访问英国
The rolling landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales showcase stunning variety of features from waterfalls to caves to limestone pavements. Hikers can challenge themselves to the Three Peaks Walks, a trek to summit a trio of tough climbs, covering 38.6 kilometers, within 12 hours. Courtesy Suzanne Plunkett

约克郡山谷连绵起伏的景观展示了从瀑布到洞穴再到石灰岩人行道的惊人多样性。徒步旅行者可以挑战自己登上三座山峰,在12小时内完成38.6公里的三段艰难攀登。 苏珊娜•普朗克特(Suzanne Plunkett)提供
Let's face it -- England isn't the most sought-after beach destination. That said, some 58 beaches around England have been awarded the internationally recognized Blue Flag, recognizing cleanliness and good facilities. With colorful beach huts, Minnis Bay (pictured) in the Kent village of Birchington-on-Sea, is one of them. courtesy Visit Britain/Rod Edwards

让我们面对现实吧——英国并不是最受欢迎的海滩目的地。尽管如此,英格兰周围的58个海滩被授予了国际认可的蓝色旗帜,以表彰其清洁和良好的设施。位于肯特郡Birchington-on-Sea村的Minnis Bay(如图)就是其中之一。 礼节性访问英国/罗德·爱德华兹
Port Isaac is a small scenic fishing village in the northern part of Cornwall. It's also the birthplace of Fisherman's Friends, a singing group that specializes in sea shanties -- another reason to love the place. cou rtesy Visit Cornwall/Adam Gibbard

艾萨克港是康沃尔北部一个风景秀丽的小渔村。这里也是渔人之友(Fisherman’s Friends)的诞生地。渔人之友是一个专门经营海上棚屋的歌唱团体,这也是人们热爱这里的另一个原因。 礼节性拜访康沃尔/亚当·吉巴德
Some rocks and fossils found in the Jurassic Coast, covering southern England's Dorset and East Devon, are 185 million years old. It's England's first natural World Heritage Site. Durdle Door (pictured here) is an iconic natural limestone arch on the beach. courtesy Visit Britain/Adam Burton

在侏罗纪海岸发现的一些岩石和化石有1.85亿年的历史,覆盖了英格兰南部的多塞特郡(Dorset)和东德文郡(East Devon)。它是英国第一个自然世界遗产。德德尔门(如图)是海滩上一个标志性的天然石灰岩拱门。 礼节性访问英国/亚当•伯顿
Founded in 1753, The British Museum was the world's first national public museum. Today, it's still easily one of the best galleries around the globe. It has a collection of eight million pieces -- only 1% of which is on display. The signature Grand Court was designed by Norman Foster and was opened in 2000. courtesy Visit Britain/Britain on View

大英博物馆成立于1753年,是世界上第一个国家公共博物馆。今天,它仍然是世界上最好的画廊之一。它拥有800万件藏品,但只展出了其中1%。标志性的大庭院由诺曼·福斯特设计,于2000年开放。 礼节性拜访英国
Sutton Bank is where the heather-clad North York Moors give way to gorgeous views over the pancake-flat Vale of York. It's one of the three Dark Sky Discovery Sites in the area for star-gazing. courtesy Visit Britain/Welcome to Yorkshire

萨顿河岸(sutton Bank)是约克北部长满石南灌木的荒野被约克薄饼般平坦的山谷(Vale of York)的壮丽景色所取代的地方。这是该地区三个可供观星的黑暗天空发现地之一。 礼貌访问英国/欢迎来到约克郡
With neo-classical temples, grottoes and bridges built around the lake, the 18th century Stourhead estate is a perfect example of an English landscape garden. Matt Cardy/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

新古典主义的寺庙、石窟和围绕湖而建的桥梁,这座18世纪的斯图尔黑德庄园(Stourhead estate)是一座完美的英式园林。 马特•卡迪/盖蒂图片社欧洲/盖蒂图片社
The Needles are three isolated rocks (a forth needle-shaped rock, which gave the group its name, collapsed in 1764) in a line off the coast of the Isle of Wight. One of the best ways to see them is from a chairlift in the nearby Alum Bay. courtesy Visit Britain/Adam Burton

这些针是怀特岛(Isle of wright)海岸外的一条直线上的三块孤立的岩石(第四块针状岩石,也就是该组织的名字的来源,于1764年坍塌)。从附近明矾湾的升降椅上看它们是最好的方式之一。 礼节性访问英国/亚当•伯顿
Hadrian's Wall spans 135 kilometers from Maryport in the west to Tyne and Wear in the east. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was built to keep tribal warriors out of the northern frontier of the ancient Roman Empire. In the picture is a section of the Roman wall near Housesteads Fort in Northumberland. courtesy Visit Britain

哈德良长城西起马里波特,东至泰恩和威尔,全长135公里。联合国教科文组织世界遗产的建立是为了防止部落战士进入古罗马帝国的北部边境。图中是诺森伯兰郡豪斯特德堡附近的一段罗马城墙。 礼貌访问英国
Yes, they're much smaller than everyone thinks they're going to be, but they're still the best known cluster of rocks in Britain. We can't be sure if Stonehenge really was the first Ikea-style flat pack, but the prehistoric monument never ceases to surprise. Last year, some more and larger stone monuments, dubbed "Superhenge," were discovered less than three kilometers from the site. courtesy English Heritage

是的,它们比所有人认为的要小得多,但它们仍然是英国最著名的岩石群。我们不能确定巨石阵是否真的是第一个宜家风格的扁平背包,但这座史前遗迹从未停止过让人惊讶。去年,在离遗址不到三公里的地方发现了更多更大的石碑,被称为“超级巨石”。 由英格兰遗产
Corby Crags的风景是如此惊人,以至于在2012年的电影《霍比特人》海报中,它被用作中土世界的背景。Corby Crags位于Edlingham,一个拥有196名居民的小村庄。
At 3.4 kilometers, York has England's longest medieval city wall. The well-preserved fortification makes a picturesque two-hour trail around the heritage city. courtesy www.visityork.org

约克城全长3.4公里,是英格兰最长的中世纪城墙。保存完好的防御工事,使一个风景如画的两个小时的路线,周围的遗产城市。 由www.visityork.org
With rolling green fields and charming villages, Cotswolds is the largest of the 38 designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales. Painswick (in the picture) is one of area's historic towns. Dan Istitene/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

科茨沃尔德拥有连绵起伏的绿地和迷人的村庄,是英格兰和威尔士38个指定的自然美景区中最大的一个。Painswick(如图)是该地区的历史城镇之一。 Dan Istitene/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images
Legend says Tintagel Castle, a medieval structure on a rugged coastline of North Cornwall, is the birthplace of King Arthur. Below the castle is Tintagel Beach with emerald water and Merlin's Cave, a hiding place for infant Arthur in poet Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Idylls of the King." courtesy English Heritage

传说中,位于康沃尔北部崎岖海岸线上的中世纪建筑廷塔格尔城堡是亚瑟王的出生地。城堡下方是廷塔格尔海滩(Tintagel Beach),碧绿的海水和梅林山洞(Merlin's Cave),在诗人阿尔弗雷德·洛德·丁尼生(Alfred Lord Tennyson)的《国王的田园诗》(Idylls of the King)中,这里是年幼的亚瑟的藏身之处。 由英格兰遗产
The Somerset city of Bath was inscribed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It's known for its Roman baths -- the only place in England for a natural thermal spa -- and Georgian architecture. Matt Cardy/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

萨默塞特市巴斯于1987年被联合国教科文组织列为世界文化遗产。它以罗马浴场和格鲁吉亚建筑而闻名——这是英国唯一一个拥有天然温泉的地方。 马特·卡迪/盖蒂图片社欧洲/盖蒂图片社
As the biggest gorge in Britain, Cheddar Gorge is home to some of the country's most dramatic cliffs and rarest animals -- like ancient Soay sheep. It's listed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. courtesy Visit Britain

作为英国最大的峡谷,切达尔峡谷是英国一些最引人注目的悬崖和最稀有的动物的家园——比如古老的Soay羊。它被列为一个具有杰出自然美的地区。 礼貌访问英国
A sea fort constructed by Henry VIII in the 1540s, St. Mawes Castle offered protection to the waterway of the River Fal until it surrendered to a land attack during the English Civil War. It's regarded as the best preserved fort built by Henry VIII. courtesy English Heritage

圣马维斯城堡是亨利八世在1540年代建造的一座海上堡垒,它为法尔河的水路提供保护,直到英国内战期间法尔河遭到陆地攻击而投降。它被认为是亨利八世建造的保存最完好的堡垒。 由英格兰遗产
The coolest bridge in England? Costing £22 million ($31.7 million), the pedestrian Gateshead Millennium Bridge connecting Newcastle and Gateshead across the River Tyne is the world's first tilting bridge, capable of leaning upwards to allow ships to navigate underneath. This website lists its tilting schedule. Stu Forster/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

英国最酷的桥?这座连接纽卡斯尔和泰恩河对岸盖茨黑德的步行桥耗资2200万英镑(合3170万美元),是世界上第一座倾斜桥,可以向上倾斜,让船只在桥下航行。这个网站列出了它的倾斜时间表。 Stu Forster/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images
This beautiful hillside castle was built by King Henry II in the 1180s. In 2015 alone, Dover Castle was featured in two TV and movie productions: "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and BBC's "Wolf Hall." In the cliffs underneath the castle lie a network of secret WWII tunnels and an underground hospital. courtesy English Heritage

这座美丽的山坡城堡是国王亨利二世在1180年代建造的。仅2015年,多佛城堡就出现在两部电视剧和电影中:《复仇者联盟2:奥创纪元》(Avengers: Age of Ultron)和英国广播公司(BBC)的《狼厅》(Wolf Hall)。城堡下面的悬崖上有一个二战时期的秘密隧道网络和一个地下医院。 由英格兰遗产
Abbey Garden is a tropical-style paradise with plant species from more than 80 countries -- from Brazil to South Africa to Australia. The wild garden experiment began when Augustus Smith moved to and became the owner of Tresco Island, 28 miles off the coast of southwestern Cornwall in 1834. The garden has continued to expand with the help of Smith's descendants. courtesy Visit Britain

修道院花园是热带风格的天堂,有来自80多个国家的植物种类——从巴西到南非再到澳大利亚。1834年,奥古斯都·史密斯搬到了离康沃尔西南部海岸28英里的特雷斯科岛,并成为该岛的主人。在史密斯后代的帮助下,这个花园一直在扩大。 礼貌访问英国
Top Withins (pictured here) is a ruined site on Haworth Moor. It's said that the wild moorland inspired Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" when the Bronte sisters lived here. courtesy Visit Britain/Britain on View

上图中是霍沃斯荒原上的一处废墟。据说勃朗特姐妹住在这里的时候,荒野激发了艾米莉·勃朗特创作《呼啸山庄》的灵感。 参观英国
Back in the 12th century, to visitors in mid-2016. Rievaulx Abbey was one of the largest and wealthiest monasteries in England. A brand new museum, a shop and a tearoom will be open to visitors in mid-2016. courtesy English Heritage

早在12世纪,到2016年年中,游客们就会来到这里。里沃克斯修道院是英国最大、最富有的修道院之一。全新的博物馆、商店和茶室将于2016年年中对游客开放。 由英格兰遗产
The gothic-style Brompton Cemetery on Fulham Road is one of London's most famous cemeteries. The cemetery has appeared in multiple movies including Pierce Brosnan's first Bond outing "GoldenEye." It's also the home to the mysterious tombstone of Hannah Courtoys -- read London's coolest gravestones to find out more. courtesy The Royal Parks

位于富勒姆路的哥特式Brompton公墓是伦敦最著名的公墓之一。该墓地曾出现在多部电影中,包括皮尔斯·布鲁斯南的第一部邦德电影《黄金眼》。这里也是汉娜·库尔特斯神秘墓碑的故乡——阅读伦敦最酷的墓碑可以了解更多。 皇家公园礼遇
An alien spaceship? Or a deep-sea creature? This futuristic landmark is the facade of a Selfridges department store in Birmingham. The building, covered in aluminum discs, is part of the city's beloved Bullring shopping center. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images

一个外星飞船吗?还是深海生物?这个未来主义的地标是伯明翰塞尔福里奇百货公司的立面。这座建筑覆盖着铝板,是这座城市最受欢迎的斗牛场购物中心的一部分。 克里斯托弗·弗隆/盖蒂图片社欧洲/盖蒂图片社
Considered one of the prettiest villages in England, Castle Combe welcomed a spark of interest from tourists after it was used as a filming location for Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" in 2011. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

康比城堡被认为是英国最美丽的村庄之一,在2011年被史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)的《战马》(War Horse)用作拍摄地点后,它吸引了游客的兴趣。 时/盖蒂图片社
Parts of Queen Elizabeth's official residence are open to visitors at certain times of the year and special guided tours are held occasionally. MORE: Sneak preview as Queen opens Buckingham Palace to public courtesy Visit Britain

伊丽莎白女王的部分官邸在一年中的某些时候对游客开放,偶尔还会举行特别的导游活动。 更多信息:女王向公众开放白金汉宫 礼貌访问英国

Up until now, it looked like the diminished pound was drawing visitors to a pre-Brexit Britain.

Figures released by Visit Britain show that flight bookings to the UK from September to November are up 5% overall year on year. Bookings from China are up 23%.

But Tom Jenkins, who works with tour operators from around the world, says that global markets frighten easier than the Americans.


英国旅游局(Visit Britain)公布的数据显示,9月至11月前往英国的机票预订量同比增长5%。来自中国的预订量增长了23%。

但与世界各地旅游运营商合作的汤姆•詹金斯(Tom Jenkins)表示,全球市场比美国市场更容易受到惊吓。

"China is a fragile market, and I think that's totally reasonable," he said. "[Coming from] a different culture, you'd be radically affected by stories of disruption and interruption of supply."

And although he thinks that shortages of food, medicine and fuel will affect visitors far less than it does UK residents, he says it's bad optics.

"Food shortages and delays at the border don't make the UK seem a good place to go.

"No deal would be a straightforward catastrophe."






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