How to visit Harbin in Winter

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Plan your Harbin tour? In China, the name of Harbin reminds people of an exotic and romantic city associated with ice and snow. If you never see snow in your life, come to Harbin; if you want to enjoy the cold weather, come to Harbin; if you want to visit a city with unique Russian influenced culture and architecture with romantic alien atmosphere, come to Harbin.

Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province located in Northeast China. Many flights and railway available connect Harbin with outside world. If you are going to plan your Harbin Tour please follow me and explore this famous winter fairyland in China.

How to get to Harbin

As the capital city of Helongjiang Province, Harbin is easily accessible by fights, railways and highways from other big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Shehzhen.

Train is the most important transport when you consider visiting Harbin in winter.

Beijing Harbin Train

Beijing to Harbin Train Timetable & Fares ( Unit: RMB )
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper Soft Seat
Z15 Beijing 21:20 Harbin 07:04+1 429 /
T47 Beijing 17:08 Harbin 05:00+1 429 /
T17 Beijing 21:26 Harbin 08:26+1 429 /
T157/T156 Beijing 06:47 Harbin 17:11 429 /
K39 Beijing 23:00 Harbin 14:49+1 429 /
K339 Beijing 12:51 Harbin 04:22+1 429 /
K265 Beijing 12:38 Harbin 03:25+1 429 /
K19 Beijing 23:00 Harbin 14:49+1 310 /
D27 Beijing 13:50 Harbin 21:57 / 351
D25 Beijing 07:15 Harbin 15:19 / 351

Harbin to Beijing Train Timetable & Fares

Train No. From Dep Time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper Soft Seat
Z16 Harbin 21:36 Beijing 07:20+1 429 /
T48 Harbin 22:04 Beijing 09:13+1 429 /
T18 Harbin 21:10 Beijing 08:31+1 429 /
T155/T158 Harbin 08:49 Beijing 19:25 429 /
K40 Harbin 13:04 Beijing 05:31+1 429 /
K340 Harbin 18:44 Beijing 10:16+1 429 /
K266 Harbin 19:43 Beijing 10:37+1 429 /
K20 Harbin 13:04 Beijing 05:31+1 310 /
D28 Harbin 09:02 Beijing 17:10 soft seat
D26 Harbin 15:38 Beijing 23:33 soft seat
Shanghai Harbin Train
Shanghai to Harbin Train Timetable & Fares ( Unit: RMB )
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper Soft Seat
K56/K57 Shanghai 09:27 Harbin 18:03+1 770 /

Harbin to Shanghai Train Timetable & Fares

Train No. From Dep Time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper Soft Seat
K55/K58 Harbin 09:47 Shanghai 17:43+1 770 /
What to see in winter Harbin|
Harbin Ice and Snow World is most sought after by travelers who visit Harbin for the first time. Ice and Snow World is located in the open place, north of Songhua River, just opposite the Sun Island. This ice and snow park is the largest, the most brilliant ice and snow park in China. The Ice and Snow World is at its best at night when all lights in the parek are lit.
Snow Sun Island  is placed in the Sun Island. The annual Harbin Snow Carving Festival is held in Sun Island. Officially, the festival starts from January 5th and it lasts one month. However, often the exhibition opens a week early and runs into March, Since it is usually cold enough.
Siberian Tiger Park is 37km north of the city center of Harbin. If you are traveling with your kids, this attraction is a must on your Harbin tour agenda. A bus takes us to tour the open park section by section. Most of the window of the bus is protected by iron bars from possible attack from a tiger.
Polarland Harbin is the first theme park of polar land scenes in China. You are able to experience the real life of the polar region. The most thrill is the exciting polar land animal show – the performance presented by sea lions. The Polarland Harbin is located just opposite the Sun Island.
Zhongyang Street is a famous pedestrian street in Harbin. It is lined with Russian type buidlings which house plenty of restaurans, and various kinds of shops. The small street contains the most influencing four architecture genres, covers the most charming literature phylogeny of 300 years, and reflects the profound history of architecture, a real “Architecture Art Gallery” in China.
St.Sophia Church is one of the landmarks in Harbin.  St. Sophia Church is the largest Orthodox Eastern Churchin China, first constructed in March, 1907 by Russian Troops. The brilliant church is not only a scape of exoticism. It play an active role in tourism and the construction of a historical and cultural city.
Dragon Tower  is really a highrise steel beauty. it is the tallest steel tower in China and the second worldwide, totaling 336 meters including its antenna. The tower is used as the Heilongjiang Broadcast and TV Tower. But it is more than that! It has become a comprehensive multifunctional tower that incorporate the transmission of broadcast and TV, tourism, sightseeing, food and beverage service and much more.
 Unit731 Museum  or Unit 731 Germ Warefare Base was once a place where Chinese people were tourtured by Japanese experimentators. These victims were exposed to various deseases, poisonous gases, and other dreadful tourtures.
Heilongjiang Museum is composed of three exhibit halls — the first showing ancient historical relics of Heilongjiang Province, the second hall for animals, and the third exhibition hall for ancient animals.
Yabuli Ski Resort
The term “Yabuli Ski Resort” is a little misleading. Yabuli Ski Resort is the official name given to the biggest ski resort in China (Chinese: My Trip to Yabuli Ski Resort) lying about 230km to the south-east of Harbin city and 130km to the west of Mudanjiang city. Actually Yabuli Ski Resort is composed of several ski resorts big or small with over 10 hotels ranging from basic guesthouse to luxury hotels. Among them there are three most well known ski grounds – Sun Mountain Ski Resort (Melco Ski Resort), Yabuli Ski Resort (same name as the official one for the whole area) and Avaunce (Yabuli) Ski Resort. Each ski resort has its own accommodation choices.H

arbin Travel Tips
1. Wear casually with comfortable and anti-slippery warm shoes.

2. Pay attention to Harbin Climate.
2. You need plenty of pullovers, gloves, socks, a good winter boot and a good jacket to keep youself warm.
3. The Chinese peopl have the tradition of firing fireworks, and before, during and after Chinese New Year. Take great care when you are walking on the streets. If you are going to buy fireworks, make sure you know how to light them.
4. Be prep for the daunting traffic with buses, cars, vans, bicycles and pedetrians moving in every direction.
5. It is below at -20 ° C in winter Harbin, so you must keep your camera warm. Otherwise your camera is easily out of order, and the shutter doesn’t work!

6. Take some anti-cold Drugs: be ready for anti-cold tablets and other medicines.

Pictures of Major Attractions in Harbin

Snow Carving at Sun Island (1)

Snow Carving at Sun Island (2)

Ice and Snow Carving at Ice and Snow World

Ice and Snow Carving at Ice and Snow World

Winter swiming by the Songhua River

Boxing on the ice by the iced Songhua Rive

Polarland Harbin

Polarland Harbin ( 2)

Siberian Tiger 1

Siberian Tiger 2

Siberian Tiger 3

Siberian 4

Sophia Church

Zhongyang Street 1

Zhongyang Street 2

Zhongyang Street 3

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