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Home Port of Tianjin Port International Cruise

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
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Today, June 26, 2010, the Home Port of Tianjin Port International Cruise ( the first phase ) is completed and put into operation. It is the first home port in the northen China. It is located  in the the south of Dongjiang Port of Tianjin Port, ajoining the largest free trade zone – Dongjiang Port free trade zone.
The The home port is capable of holding the world’s largest cruise ships, designed annual capacity of 500,000 passenger trips. It has one passenger cruise terminal,
hotels, post service, travel agents…
When completely finished, the home port will have the shoreline length of 2000 meters, and there will six cruise births, accommodating six big international cruise ships. Now the first phase of the home port is put into operation, holding two cruise ships the same time. Now Tianjin Port is the home port both for “Costa Cruises” and “Caribbeans”.
From June 27, 2010, all other international cruise ships also use the new passenger cruise terminal.
Xingang Port in Tianjin is the important port of call on most of the cruise trips to Asia. With the advent of the home port, Xingang Port Terminal now  has been turned into a domestic cruise passenger terminal. All the international cuise ships will dock at the Home Port of Tianjin Port International Cruise Terminal from  June, 2010.
So if you plan to go to Tianjin Port ( Xingang Port ) from Beijing, you are kindly advised to get to the right place – Home Port of Tianjin Port International Cruise instead of Xingang Port Cruise Terminal. Maybe the official name of ” Xingang Port” will still exist as the port of call in the cruising industry.
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Home Port of Tianjin Port International Cruise Terminal

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