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Shanghai Huangshan Transportation

Saturday, October 9th, 2010
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Huangshan is the best of the best mountains in China in terms of landscape. Huangshan is famous for its peaks, pine trees, sea of the clouds and snow in winter. If you are in Shanghai in process of planning your trip to Huangshan, to choose the right transportation from Shanghai to Huangshan is what you should give priority to.
Normally you have three choices – by flight, by train and by road.
As for the flight from Shanghai to Huangshan, at the time of writing, there is just one flight operated by Shanghai Airline ( now merged into China Eastern Airline). The flight takes 45 minutes.
There is also a direct train running between Shanghai and Huangshan, which is highly recommended. Train K8418 from Shanghai to Huangshan leaving at 17:45 and arriving at 06:55 nexr morning; K8420 from Huangshan to Shanghai leaving 19:10 and arriving at 7:35 next morning. One way trip takes over 12 hours.
The 430km expresway connects Shanghai and Huangshan and its drive takes over 4 hours. If you drive along the Shanghai – Huangshan expressway, you will pass over Hangzhou and Qiandao Lakes.

Shanghai Airline - the flight from Shanghai to Huangshan

Huangshan Airport - 8km from the city center of Huangshan