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Beijing Nightlife Guide

Beijing has thousands of bars, ballrooms and night clubs all together. It's almost impossible to visit all of them. This page of Beijing Nightlife Guide is your good helper to navigate the underliying nightlife in Beijing. Let's go over the sites of Beijing nightlife by its theme.

Beijing Bar & Pub Areas
Here West meets East. The passed decade has found more and more drinking scenes come to life in Beijing, massive nightclubs and bars pop up. Especially comes the high-end combination of bars and restaurants. One thing has been constant for the passed decade that the most popular bar areas are Sanlitun, Chaoyang Park, Houhai, Wudaokou, Worker'd Stadium, Nurenjie ( Ladies's Street ), The Yuan Dynasty Wall Bar Street etc. Beijing Bar & Pub Areas

Beijing Opera
If you are a first-time visitor to Beijing, then enjoying Beijing Opera should be covered on your must-do-things in Beijing. The acrobatic opera is enjoyed all over China. Featuring athletic gymnastic feats and warrior arts, it has been developed into a broad martial-style of opera recognizable for its use of acrobats and stunts. Beijing Opera

Beijing Acrobatics
Chinese acrobatics transcends mere entertainment, with performers and followers alike considering it art. Its history goes back at least two millennia, but the art is cintinually changing to incorprate modern props, among them light bulbs and bicycles. Elements include inventive dance along with theatrical acting, in connection with a mastery of athletics; balance, coordination, flexibility and grace. Beijing Acrobatics

Beijing Kung Fu Show
The Chinese civilization with a history of several thousand years has developed innumerable fabulous cultural products. The magnificent wushu is the crystallization of human wisdom. In the boundless world of great wushu, the Shaolin kungfu, as a glittering pearl of wushu has been bright with radiating rays. Its broad and profound connotation, its mysterious and subtle skills command respect among heroes all over the world.
Beijing Kung Fu Show

Beijing Concert Hall
The past 20 years has seen a resurgence of public interest in classical music in Beijing China. Though the classic music doesn't get more media exposure than more flashy cultural items, but it doesn't mean the country as a whole isn't quite in for piano and violin. The concert music draws more and more people, especially younger audiences. Beijing Concert Hall

Beijing Teahouse Theater
As the pub or cafe in the west as integral to social interaction, the teahouse has been a meeting place for local residents, artists, philosophers and the melting pot of ideas, debates and revelations. Analogous to dinner theater in the west, an evening spent at a teahouse will include food, drink a round sampling from the Chinese stage often comprising Beijing Opera, acrobatics, crosstalk, animal imitations and other forms of drama.
Beijing Teahouse Theater

Beijing Cinema
China is a big film producer, making a huge number of domestic films each year. Some of them have won much praises from the international film circle. China top film directors Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige and Feng Xiaogang have played important role in shaping film in China. Though China's big shotdrectors set blockerbuster film trends in China, recently some smaller films have been pushing the boundaries of film as art.
Beijing Cinema

Cultural city of Beijing
Opened in October,2000, the Cultural City of Beijing’s Night Performance is the appointed performance ground of entertainment by Tour Office in Beijing City. It is the only dinner theater in Beijing mainly concentrated on Chinese traditional performing arts. It has been a window to spread our traditional culture abroad. Every evening, a luxurious artistic will be presented in this delicately decorated theatre that you will hardly resist.
Cultural city of Beijing

Beijing Foot Massage
Reflexology has been practised in China since the fourth century BC. The document says every organ in the body is linked to a specific reflex point on the feet. Precise and skilled manipulations of these points can stimulate vital functions, eliminating toxins, improving blood circulation and sooth nerves. Now foot-massage parlours are all areas, especially for bobos. If you re a massage devotee, don't miss it after your tiring trip in Beijing.
Beijing Foot Massage

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