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Beijing Hohhot Flight

Looking for Beijing Hohhot flight deals? You are on the right place. Whether a routine flight, first class seating or good old economy class, TBTS has a great deal for you. So, book your discount Beijing flight today with TBTS.

Beijing to Hohhot Flight Timetable & Fares
Airline Flight No. Plane Depart
Arrival Ticket Face Value Taxes
China United Airlines KN2937 738 NAY  12:40 HET  13:25 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Japan Air System JD5285 319 PEK  06:55 HET  08:00 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Japan Air System JD5289 319 PEK  18:45 HET  19:45 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Hainan Airlines HU7175 738 PEK  21:10 HET  22:20 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1103 738 PEK  07:45 HET  08:45 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1111 738 PEK  11:25 HET  12:30 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Hainan Airlines HU7617 734 PEK  11:50 HET  13:00 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1125 738 PEK  14:20 HET  15:20 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1115 738 PEK  16:50 HET  17:55 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1113 733 PEK  19:25 HET  20:25 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1101 738 PEK  20:25 HET  21:30 Economy class ¥500 ¥50

Hohhot to Beijing Flight Timetable & Fares
Airline Flight No. Plane Depart
Arrival Ticket Face Value Taxes
China United Airlines KN2938 738 HET  14:05 NAY  14:55 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Japan Air System JD5290 319 HET  20:35
PEK  21:35 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Japan Air System JD5286 319 HET  22:10 PEK  23:10 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Hainan Airlines HU7176 738 HET  08:00 PEK  08:50 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1102 733 HET  07:50 PEK  08:50 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1104 738 HET  09:40 PEK  10:45 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1112 738 HET  13:30 PEK  14:35 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1114 733 HET  14:00 PEK  15:00 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1126 738 HET  16:20 PEK  17:20 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Hainan Airlines HU7618 734 HET  17:30 PEK  18:40 Economy class ¥500 ¥50
Air China CA1116 738 HET  18:45 PEK  19:45 Economy class ¥500 ¥50

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