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How to Visit Hulishan Fortress Xiamen

Friday, January 18th, 2013
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Plan your Xiamen Tour? One historic site in Xiamne worth your visiting is Hulishan Fortress. This ancient fortress houses a 28cm Krupp Cannon, the largest coastal cannon in the world, which won the Guinness World Records for year 2000. The Hulishan Fortress was first built in the year of 1894 and finished in 1896.

In 1874, the Qing Government (Qing Dynasty) decided to purchase cannons to strengthen the coastal defense capability in Xianmen. In 1893, Qing Government sent people to inspect cannons market and bought two 28cm cannons made 1893 by Krupp Mountains in Germany. In 1896 the two huge cannons were carried and brought to the present fortress.

The west 28 Cannon was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (1966 -1976). The another 28cm cannon is kept intact inside the east emplacement. The huge cannon is 13.9 meters long, with 84 rifles, 87 tons in weight and 19760 meters in shooting range.

Entrance fee: RMB 25

Opening Time: 07:30 – 18:00
How to get there
Not far from Xiamen University and take public buses No. 81, 6, 618, 531, 503, 811, 809, 87, 86, 48, 47, 29 22, 501

Some locally made iron cannons in the past are on display.
Some locally made iron cannons are on display.

Some locally made iron cannons are on display.

The 28cm Cannon is 13.9 meters long.
The 28cm Cannon is 13.9 meters long

The 28cm Cannon is 13.9 meters long

Have a close look at the cannon from its behind inside the east emplacement.
Have a close look from its behind inside the emplacement

Have a close look from it’s behind inside the emplacement

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