When is the best time to visit Guizhou?

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Plan your Guizhou Tour? Guizhou Province, with its capital Guiyang, is located in the southwest China mainland. As a multinational province, the colorful costumes and custom of the ethnic minority groups attract visitors far and wide. The world-famous waterfall –Huangguoshu Waterfall is in Guizhou Province.

Guizhou is in the subtropical zone with a humid monsoon climate. The annual temperature in the province averages 15°C. One of the often-asked-questions likely to tantalize you is “When is the best time to visit Guizhou?”

In fact, Guizhou is suitable to visit all year round. But Guizhou has more rainfall than any other parts of China. It often rains from March to August.

Guizhou in Spring (March – May)
Spring in Guizhou is warm and humid, rains frequently, it is the best time to rice planting. January is the coldest month in a year, with the temperatures ranging from 1 to 10°C.

If visitors come to Guizhou during the Spring Festival and in early spring, they can experience the diverse ethnic cultures in Guizhou, because most of the ethnic traditional festivals are held during that time.

Guizhou in Summer (June – August )
Summer in Guizhou can get hot during June and July. July is the hottest month in a year, with the temperatures ranging from 17 to 28°C. Guizhou is an ideal summer resort due to the temperate climate. In the fresh early morning of summer in Guizhou, you can take a walk.

There are many good walks along the river and into the Miao villages nearby. Summer is the rainy season, make sure to take an umbrella with you. The best time to visit Huangguoshu waterfall is June to early October after the rains in summer and early autumn.

Guizhou in Autumn ( September to November )
Autumn is also a nice season for traveling to Guizhou, especially early autumn. In the fall, the average temperature and rainfall are lower than summer, usual sunshine time equally with the average value.

The moist, subtropical climate has brought abundance of flowers and trees to Guiyang, earning it the name “City of Gardens”.

Guizhou in Winter (December to February)
Winter in Guizhou is not very cold which is a good place for proofing against the bitter weather. It is a relatively low season for visitors to come.

Not so many tourists come to Guizhou in Winter now. It’s the cheapest season to come. Guizhou special winter tour products are in developed now. Less than three years, Guizhou will become a hot tourist destination with hot springs, folk customs, food, sports, etc.

Tip: Hassle-free Escorted Guizhou
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself bus route and prefer the hassle-free guided tours, here are some options for guided tours to Guizhou:

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4 Responses to “When is the best time to visit Guizhou?”

  1. Chu says:

    When is the raining season in Quizhou . If we plan to go on beginning of May ,is the weather Good ? Please let me know . Thanks

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Chu,

    May is not the rain season in Guizhou. If you plan to visit Guizhou in May, please avoid May 01 – 03, the national holiday in China. There will a huge crowds of domestic tourists in major attractions.

  3. John T Chiu says:

    The site stated that March-August will be the rainy season, yet Daniel stated that May is not the rainy season. Which statement is right?

  4. Daniel says:

    Dear John T Chiu,

    Actually there is no rain season in Guizhou though it often rains from May to August. Have a good time in China!

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